HR welcomes Kelly to our perps list

Our wanted poster has a new face on it. Meet Kelly:


Kelly has been added to our poster – and referred to the Police’s investigative team – for the disgraceful, illegal, slanderous crap she’s been spouting about innocent Hampstead people. She’s basically on a drive to perpetuate the hoax just as it’s starting to subside and life in Hampstead is returning to normal. She rants a lot in this video but to give you a flavour of why she has to go down, check out the bile she’s spouting between 8:43 and 9:04 and see how even Belinda McKenzie asks her to tone it down a notch (!):

If anyone can enlighten us as to Kelly’s surname, do please let us know.

And please also let us know if you can identify this nutter for us:


The above miscreant (‘Perp 2’ on the poster) is from Northern Ireland and features throughout the same video. Scroll to 32:50 to witness her very angrily accusing hundreds of Hampstead parents and teachers of being members of “the cult”, yelling about “the biggest cult going in the whole of England and the UK” and shouting, “The Hampstead thing – whoever was involved in it, yous are all going down, every single last one of yous. We’re not stopping until we get this truth investigated properly.”

Charming, isn’t she. Pound to a penny she goes down before any of us 😉

The updated poster:



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  3. It gets sickening seeing these people who see imaginary peadophiles every where they look. How would she like it if a member of her family was accused of being a peado with no evidence whatsoever?

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