Araya upset with us (again)


HR has received a visit from Araya. And he’s not happy with us, hehe XD

To be honest, I couldn’t be bothered to read it all (and to be honest, the poor spelling does render it somewhat inaccessible). But basically, it’s another one of her angry meltdowns, riddled with the usual megalomania, unsubstantiated slander and anti-Semitic rants (Charlotte would be proud, LOL).

Oh and she also makes an assertion that regularly quaffing her own menstrual blood has made her look half her age. We’ll…ahem…let you be the judge of that:


Er…moving on…I was just going to say that even if her syntax were perfect, this drug-addled fruitcake still wouldn’t make much sense. Still , if you can figure out what the feck she’s banging on about, good luck to you. Enjoy…




Wow, you made it to the end! Good for you. Your prize is a date with Araya. Good luck with that 😉

By the way, please let us know if you found anything important in there, like the meaning of life or the secrets of the universe. We won’t hold our breath.

Meanwhile, here are a few nice tunes for Araya to enjoy whilst working through her anger issues:

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    • We’ve already established you’re easily pleased, Bond. You’d do Angela given half the chance 🙂

      By the way, just a heads-up – according to one of her video monologues, she makes her boyfriends drink her menstrual blood too 😉


  2. Araya how do you know Abe has changed? Because he told you so? Listen to how controlling of Ella he is here. from 55mins onwards. I would hate for someone to interrupt and steer me like that. I feel Ella is scared of Abe and would really like to leave him now. I bet she has seen the vicious side of him during arguments while they’ve been cooped up in that bunker. But what can she do? She has backed herself into a corner. He is more delusional than she but then you all are, so maybe they are a match after all. Do you really think a leopard can change his spots? For a day or two yes, but not under stress. You know Abe is a nightmare, he always has been, and you’ve seen it at close quarters. Sure, he is seductive when he wants to manipulate, that is one of his methods of control.

    If Ellla feels desperate she can go to the nearest embassy for help but I suggest she only do that once she resolves to make things good here. And there is only one way: That is to come clean and tell the truth.

    Forget this cock and bull story. Ella knows how it came about: A step by step process, by continuing to hound, intimidate the children, just like he did with your best friend, remember? Demanding more, more to satisfy his sick mind, Abe got a story that he instigated and helped develop the content of, that is how it really was. There is no truth in your allegations. Any person can can spout off that has the inclination. Being able to verify assertions is quite another. And the people you accuse of heinous crimes don’t deserve it.

    You talk of love and truth and yet you lie so easily. You seem to really believe what you say, I’ll give you that, but that does not make you right. And if you had answered the questions about what the names of the doctors were you may even have discovered that for yourself. But when you got called, you preferred to keep the position of the accuser, because for some reason that is enjoyable to you. Why?

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  3. Poor woman, she doesn’t seem to realise that drinking her own menstrual blood actually makes her look like an extra from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

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