Araya implodes


Creepy Araya’s back and this time – in typical Hoaxteader fashion – she’s threatened to beat up one of our members and demanded to see everyone’s naughty bits.

OK OK, she is entertaining to watch, in a dancing monkey kind of way, but we at HR have a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, slander, violent threats and racism. And seeing as she’s guilty of all four, and of rabid anti-Semitism, she has to go.

Anyhoo, enjoy her last hurrah before she beds down for the night with her hemp-and-menses cocktail in a dark straw-lined corner of our spam folder:




And here are some final thoughts from Angie’s Fag, who has borne the brunt of much of Araya’s abuse:


14 thoughts on “Araya implodes

  1. Yeah, agree, she’s outstayed her welcome and entertainment value as the prolly as in proletariat low class yob she is at heart. No one said she hadn’t had the experiences she described, ie of satanism. Another example of her skewed perception, in real time. More paranoid schizoid slipping into the trauma of the past and experiencing it in the here and now. She is, again, seeing what is not really there. You can’t argue with what seems to be veering into the realm of delusion.

    Is it me, or is she getting worse?

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  2. If you look through those screenshots, you’ll see she’s openly a neo-Nazi and a fan of Hitler!
    I hope she never hooks up with her fellow neo-Nazi anti-Semite, Tom ‘Cough Cough’ Cahill. The couple from Hell or what!



    You’re welcome.

    PS: you forgot to post any links to where I – or any of our team – have issued any death threats. It’s a serious allegation, so we look forward to perusing your evidence. In the meantime, would you like some links to the death threats that we’ve frequently received from your gang? Here’s a good place to start but we have plenty more:

    You’re welcome, Adolf, you lying anti-Semitic little scamp 🙂


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