Source of Abe v Charlotte schism revealed

Thanks to an anonymous source who sent us this:

jean clement

Our source writes:

So basically, what must have happened was this: Ella and Abe gave Charlotte [Charlotte Ward, aka ‘Jacqui Farmer’ of Hampstead Research] the tapes, docs etc. for her to prepare a ‘defence’ for them. Charlotte was short on content for the blog, so decided she had done such a good job on them that it would be ok to put them online to the world. But fuck! The tapes reveal the truth of how fucked up Abe really is! No wonder they are pissed off with Charlotte!
So can we take it that this was also one of the reasons why Charlotte closed down both her blogs in a huff? XD

Oh and our source is right about how abhorrent Abe sounds in these recordings. For a taster of how aggressive he can be towards the children, scroll to 10:35 and witness him acting in a way that Hoaxteaders swear he never does.

By the way, the above screenshot was taken from Code 2222’s ‘Guidance 2222’ channel, who has also uploaded Charlotte’s video against Abe and Ella’s wishes…

 …So how long will it be before they disown that freak too? 😉


7 thoughts on “Source of Abe v Charlotte schism revealed

  1. You have to lay the blame for ALL of this facade clearly at the feet of the Mother. .she knows it is a load of crap…she knows the truth…The only person that has harmed her children is the very person she is shacked up with and making pathetic videos. The mother is guilty of turning her children into a freak show.

    She is going to regret this until the day she dies.

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