‘The people who believe that Satanists might eat your baby’

Thanks to Mr. Really Angry for sending us this (he also sent us the Ben Fellows article – see previous post). It’s an old article (from 2002) but still very pertinent:



Here are some choice snippets:

…What the inquiry did expose…was the tangle of folklore and urban legend that produced the scare. The ingredients included: stories of baby sacrifice borrowed from 19th-century anti-Catholic propaganda (many Satan-hunters are anti-Catholic fundamentalists); the anti-Semitic blood libel; corny images of devil-worshippers owing more to The Wicker Man than to any real occult rubric; television cartoons (the Orkney allegations featured adults dressed as Ninja Turtles); and the scatological rambling of small children…

…As Prof La Fontaine points out, paedophilia is the most potent representation of evil in modern society; it is not surprising that it should become conflated with older folk devils, or that groups with a distrust of the Establishment – fundamentalists, feminists, social workers – should prove receptive to such a myth. What is surprising is that they have been able to sustain their belief in the face of the empirical demolition of their claims…

…They have done so by retreating into the time-honoured logic of the conspiracy theorist: the absence of evidence proves the effectiveness of the conspiracy. The resourceful Satanists dispose of bodies by feeding them into mincing machines, dissolving them in acid baths, burning them in furnaces or just eating them. How do they get away with it? Dr Joan Coleman, a psychiatrist who spoke at yesterday’s meeting, says the abusers have “Masonic connections”, though an American campaigner, Prof Cory Hammond, thinks they are part of a Nazi conspiracy led by a renegade Jew…

…Miss [Valerie] Sinason, the main speaker yesterday, is on the record as saying that Satanists are breeding babies for ritual murder, a practice she described to the Catholic Herald as “an Auschwitz in peacetime”. Until now, not one body has surfaced to corroborate this theory…

…Prof La Fontaine’s verdict on Valerie Sinason goes to the heart of the problem. “It’s depressing to find someone who has a position at leading London hospitals who is so cut off from what research methodology is, and what rational evidence is,” she says. When Miss Sinason announces that she has “clinical evidence” of infanticide and cannibalism, she means that her patients have told her stories about them…

~ Damian Thompson, Telegraph, 22.03.02

Sadly, the likes of Valerie Sinason et al are still peddling their SRA bullshit; but it’s reassuring to know that since her heyday, most people have now woken up to these hoaxes and can see right through them. If only that had always been the case.


Valerie Sinason, a lot to answer for

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9 thoughts on “‘The people who believe that Satanists might eat your baby’

  1. Hahaha I am mental and have never bothered with evidence. .I just plant stories in my patients heads. I have been exposed as fake but I am still banging on and on and on
    …I need locking up

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  2. Can someone please analyse the jingle-jangle jewellery Sinason’s wearing in that pic? It looks eerily satanic to me. We’re through the looking glass, people.



    Ella went to the Tavistock. ..IT ALL STARTING TO MAKE SENSE NOW!


  4. What’s wrong with you people. Thats what they said about hollys mum . But a local authority sra cult killed my brother. My sister’s nuts and im now starting to think your all a bunch of pedophiles all you do is poke fun at victims.
    Only shit scared pedos behave like that.

    you and you alone are showing the world that jf is right to persue this.

    Making attempts to defend your self is honorable. If innocent.

    But demoralising victims and the mums who try to fight a corrupt system is nothing but destract from your own guilt.

    if I was accused I would gladly get my vag out properly make the experience unpleasant for the excusser. Why not if im hurt from the aqusation. That I hav not done

    but no one not one yello belly has steped forth. WHY no nonce ever was willing though.

    you have a whole school of candy prep them to aquire there own school of candy.

    Sorry about my poor spelling butI was to busy tthinking of what was waiting for me when I got home, to concern myself with spelling. Whilst your taking the piss out of that you might just give a kid a break


  5. “if I was accused I would gladly get my vag out”

    Margaret, we have accused you, several times. I hereby accuse you once again, so there’s no confusion: I put it to you that you’re a cannibal, a paedophile and a vampire bat.

    Now show us your saggy vaggy, you dirty bitch!

    PS: at least we can agree on one thing – you’re spelling really does suck!


  6. Don’t talk shit! NOBODY has to come forward and drop their underwear to satisfy a bunch of tin-foil hat wearers on YT. They have not been accused of anything by anyone ..except you lot! oh..and the true abusers of the children, E&A!

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  7. And Margaret ‘Anonymous’ Sneddon still hasn’t shown us her vaj, no matter how many times we’ve asked. She must have something to hide. I’ve heard she has a tattoo of Bruce Forsyth down there.


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