A Blow For Bill & Ben

Ooh, Bill ‘Baloney’ Maloney will not like this!


Ben Fellows

Charlotte ‘Jacqui Farmer’ Ward will be mightily p***ed off too. A few days ago, she put up two sickeningly sycophantic posts in support of Fellows and stated: “We believe 100% that what Ben said is true.”



We’d love to ask her why she automatically believes everything someone she’s never met says but what are the odds that we’d get a straight answer? Or any answer at all?

Anyway, here’s a précis of the article:

An actor who claimed he was sexually assaulted by former Chancellor Kenneth Clarke has been described as “a fantasist” in court…subsequent checks found inaccuracies in his account…Mr Fellows claimed the attack had taken place while he was working on an undercover sting for ITV’s Cook Report…He also said he had been abused by a number of people in the entertainment industry, including a senior female executive at the BBC…

Mr Fellows, who was described by prosecutors as “an inventive and sometimes persuasive fantasist”, claimed he been invited to a cocaine-fuelled party on BBC premises hosted by two of its biggest stars at the time…But officers concluded his version of events was false…members of the Cook Report team had said they were unaware of the allegation when interviewed by police…They had not seen a video showing abuse and none of them recalled Mr Clarke even being in the lobbyist’s office…

In October 2012, Mr Fellows was interviewed by journalist Jack Malvern from the Times newspaper. He gave Mr Malvern his account of the allegation against Mr Clarke and made a series of other allegations which the reporter had found “troubling” when he tried to check them out, the court heard. He also found inaccuracies in Mr Fellows’ claims about his time at the Sylvia Young Theatre School…

Mr Fellows denies perverting the course of justice between November 14 2012 and December 1 2012.

The trial continues.


Of course, the troofers’ inevitable response to this will be that the satanic Beeb is in on the whole ‘cover-up’, along with the Police. Naturally, no evidence will be produced to support such claims and besides, Bill and Ben say it’s true, so it must be. Flobalobalobalob!


For the record – and I know we’ve covered this before – we at HR do not claim there is no corruption in the Police, nor that the Beeb’s record on ethical behaviour is flawless, nor that politicians are saints. However, we do insist on the importance of evidence, logic and robust cross-examination when serious allegations are made against individuals (as with the Hampstead child abuse allegations, for example). It’s called ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and is a cornerstone of a democratic society. Ironically, it’s the very same axiom which affords Mr. Fellows the right to defend himself against accusations of perverting the course of justice. Yet sadly, the likes of Maloney, Ward and Fellows need constantly reminding of this basic right.


PS: Ben grew up just round the corner from Hoaxtead fruitcake Justyna ‘Stop killing babies’ Rzeska. I wonder whether they know each other. Now there’s a pair you wouldn’t want to get stuck in a lift with!

22 thoughts on “A Blow For Bill & Ben

  1. Yikes ! The thought of getting stuck in a lift with those two just flooded me with a wave of horror. I’ll send you the shrink’s bill if it turns into an ‘ idée fixe’. On a serious note, I’ve read many outlandish stories c/o this ‘Fellows fellow’ over time, a particularly disturbing one starring Tom Cruise. As much as I dislike TC, I never bought it…the guy’s clearly an attention – starved narcissist (much like Tom himself); it’s satisfying to hear that he’s been outed on something. Mr. Baloney must surely be filling up a sh**load of adult diapers/nappies about now (pardon the wordplay)!

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  2. Ben Fellows is a bullshitter…Bill Maloney saw another way to make money…

    Bill Maloney is a loud mouthed ignorant buffoon. ..someone please tell me what exactly he has done to fight child abuse?
    Everything always ends up. ..all about him!!!

    Would not trust either Bill or Ben..both as batty as flower pots.

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  3. Has anyone seen that video Bill Baloney did.? Woman having a miscarriage and Baloney filmed it!!!!!! He then charged for filming it and put on youtube! !!!

    Dont want to link it as it is horrible but you could find it on youtube and then there was the time he filmed a 10 year old boy who had been abused and asked the boy all kinds of questions about it …The boy was so uncomfortable it was shocking. ..baloney another money grabbing egotistical fraud! !!

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  4. You don’t surprise me, sadly. Baloney is like a male version of Belinda McKenzie, hovering around anti-child abuse protests and court hearing, looking for vulnerable people to pray on and make money from.

    By the way, can you shed any light on the rumours about him and his late sister?

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  5. He sits on video evidence which he’s got from alleged victims.
    He terrorises victims by threatening them with Special Branch.
    He threatens all sorts of criminal behaviour.
    He threatens actual campaigners, and threatens to remove databases from their computers, then days later they lose pages with tens of thousands of paedophiles’ cases.
    He posts video of secretly filmed dead babies.
    He hangs about with other Jewish pro-paedophile agents, like Ian Puddick, who’s linked to Michael Doherty who is also linked to this and fake court cases like Ian’s. Dave Knight, of the Duckshoot’s also linked to dubious court cases which seem to be linked to all of this. Spivey’s court case was obscured for months when he couldn’t decide if he’d been arrested or not.
    You watch, Ian’s slipping down a slippery slope and so all all of his minions. They’re too closely associated with him and Guy Caqrpenter and all together too big headed to think ahead properly.
    All of this lot are total cowards and that’s why they won’t deal with things head on. They will try and bully vulnerable people and mainly just lie behind peoples’ backs.
    Brian Harvey’s been very active in revealing Fellow’s aims. He was the actual target of this entire charade. It was designed to make him look bad by association. I’m not saything that this was the only aim, but his links to the Leverson hacking and tapping is all totally tied in with the entrapment of people for sex bribery. Brian can prove all of this and they want to sabotage his court actions.


  6. Tom: even though I agree with you on Bill and Ben, you’d better run back to your flea-infested jungle hut before my Jewish mates catch me talking to you. And don’t forget to take your cough syrup with you, you anti-Semitic scuzbucket. Cheers.


  7. I hear she had been in care. She went to start some kind of action for alleged abuse, but was such a liar that she got told that it couldn’t go forward as she was not capable of being used as a witness. Baloney then went off on one and told Max Clifford. Clifford told him to fuck off. Baloney’s sister had died only days before this altered tactic happened.
    I don’t think Bill had been in care. I am hearing some very true sounding things about him now. Like he’s a Jewish homoosexual in a cover marriage, like his mate Puddick. Someone who’d have good cause to know him have told me some very disturbing things about him which I happen to trust. I’m ninety percent certain he’s an active paedophile. All the evidence does support this. I’m good at spotting them. The manipulation, the cowardice, the total lack of concern about promoting paedophilia, talking to Peter Tatchell without sicking his guts up or running the other way, and, the brain cell that tells him not to confront someone who would happily tear him a new arse hole, Special Branch or not. The crazy things he’s done show he’s definitely a totally sick pervert.
    If Brian Harvey puts out the videos he’d surpressed, where he’s shouting at the victims and telling them to changet their stories will be the kind of thing that will put him to bed all together.


  8. Tom, your Thai ladyboy’s on the line. He says don’t forget to that Dani Lavatory t-shirt you promised him.


  9. Yes, I’ve seen it. I heard he stole their borrowed computer and refused to give them money or their fils footage. I hear he then threatened to put child abuse images on their computer. Those two were a little bit slow and this was why they’d had troubles with the Social Services. That totally inapropriate behaviour at rallies he’s not invited to, where he hugs and kisses people when they really don’t want him to, after shouting about their abuse is another reason I believe that he’s got to be a paedophile. He revels in their suffering and all those he’s dealt with now hate him. Hopefully we can confirm all these things shortly.

    He’s got this horrible, bullying side-kick lady who tries to blame people for her children dying. She is a complete low life as well. The funny thing is, he uses her to attack people he’s too scared of. He also uses Ian Puddick to visit people and lie on his behalf. I don’t get that one at all. I don’t think Bill would be too bad at making up lies if he wasn’t doing his mokney cockney act, as he’s quite bright, so why send a greasy fairy who’s conservatively only a fraction as intelligent?


  10. Oy Vey! Who the fuck let Herr Kommandant Cahill in?

    Tell him to piss off back to Nuremberg or I’ll tell everyone about his secret affair with Danielle la Verité.

    Oh fuck, did I say that out loud?


  11. Who (which one)?
    Who innocent of what?
    Planted by who?
    They’re all in on it together clearly.
    Please use more words so it’s meaningful.


  12. That was a pun (based on the two different meanings of the word ‘plant’), you dozy catarrh-riddled ladyboy-shagging anti-Semitic prick.


  13. With the overt links between homosexuality, Judaism and pro-paedophilia subversion at issue here, I think any of the above would consider making childish comments unwise. This is a Jewish problem of perversion and their efforts to hide it by making up silly stories as a distraction. All of these lot are Jews and they’re covering up for the Jewish paedophilia epidemic in government. Jews who aren’t homosexual or otherwise perverted ought to see this epidemic as something that they need to keep their heads down over.

    My tip is. If you’re going to ride these things out as best as you can, admitting the problem’s well and truly a Jewish one, is the best place to start—not claiming Jimmy Savile wasn’t a Jew, as it’s not going to fly. Subconsciously there are also no negative attestations, so it’s not neuro linguistically sound.


  14. At the very top, it’s a Jesuit problem. They are the true masters behind the reformed Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, Zionists and Satanists. Problem is that any mention of any Jews in a negative context is inevitably branded as anti-Semitic. But these are small sects of people at the top of the pyramid, not all Jews are implicated. But anyone reading from and living by the Talmud has a lot to answer for. The purest known evil in the world hides behind a Jewish mask, and it’s easy to deduce this because you’re not allowed to criticise them – But apparently criticising every other faith is fair game. Funny that.


  15. I hope Ben Fellows gets some prison time for his lies, he deserves to go down for falsely accusing Ken Clarke of abusing him. He should not be let off lightly.

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  16. Well said, AF. Spreading lies and slander, especially regarding child abuse and especially in this age of the internet, is extremely damaging and dangerous and the people who do it should not be allowed to get away with it.

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  17. You know those big guys with tattoos who pretend to hate gays because they themselves are in the closet? Makes you wonder about Tom doesn’t it. I mean he does have that dark Semitic look about him. I bet he hides his yarmulke in his back pocket….

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  18. The whole ‘Ben Fellows’ CIRCUS is a complete and utter (sick) JOKE!

    I even think that Kenneth Clark was a willing ‘patsy’ in all of this. Fellows is the darling of the AUTHORISED ‘alternative media’, they ostensibly believe every single word that comes out of his cock-sucking mouth, they skirt over the inconvenient TRUTH about his cock and bull story (pun intended).

    Firstly, G4S wasn’t formed until 2004- so the alleged conversation with Kenneth Clark couldn’t have taken place in 1994. Please refer to: http://www.g4s.com/en/Who%20we%20are/History/

    Ben Fellows is an ACTOR (albeit a crap one)!

    This story has just stunk from the very beginning. I actually believed him at first- UK Column interview. I like to conduct research, and always want to know the why and wherefores, the ins and outs, if you will.

    Brian Gerrish; Icke; Poulton; Collins etc. etc. are ALL shills who work for the establishment. They are the controlled opposition, the PAID… sorry, pied pipers- leasing the dumb masses AWAY from TRUTH.

    I should have guessed that Fellows wouldn’t be going to prison- I’m wiser after today- it has all been a bloody sham. Jeez… I hate Ben Fellows, he suffers with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, he’s a prick!!

    Thank you! Expose all hoaxers!!

    As for Baloney Mill (Bill Maloney)… where’s the bloody lie-detector test?? He’s another one who glossed over the LIES and DECEIT from Fellows.

    Scum, the lot of ’em!

    Why didn’t Clark sue him for libel (and/or slander)…. what a joke. Narcissists love court proceedings, on the square, ‘all the world’s a stage’ and all that.


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