Hoaxteaders want the child abuse to be true!

Thank you to all our regulars who have raised this point and suggested that Hoaxteaders desperately want their claims of ritualistic child abuse to be true. Why? Because, despite their misleading claims that they’re trying to protect children, they in fact derive some kind of sick pleasure from seeing/making them suffer.

As you may recall, Justice Pauffley’s court hearing report refers to their sick, voyeuristic motives and their desire for internet acceptability. When the whole thing was proven to be a hoax, they should have been relieved, ecstatic even, dancing in the bloody streets…but no…they were disappointed!


And they continue to search for juicy details of ritualistic child murder and cannibalistic baby-eating and issue increasingly disturbing calls for the innocent people they’d wrongly accused to whip out their dangly bits for them to examine. Why? Because this whole thing gives them some kind of sick sexual pleasure. Simples.



So when the court hearing exposed their blatant hoax, they couldn’t have been more disappointed. And to make sure that the children continued to suffer, they shamelessly carried on posting their pictures, videos, names, interviews and details all over the web.

They are also continuing to post the names, addresses, phone numbers and photos of the innocent people they’ve accused of these vile acts – and of their children – all over the internet. Why? Why, for example, does Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward do that? There can be no other reason other than a will to enable people to go to their homes and attack them. Have these families not suffered enough already at the hands of these psychos? Er…no – be under no illusion about this – Charlotte derives perverse sexual pleasure from causing so much suffering to innocent people and their children and she’s not about to stop any time soon.



So you see, the whole thing has to be true. The Hoaxteaders cannot bear the thought that it is a hoax. Of course, deep down they know it’s all utter bollocks but are desperate to make the pieces of their imaginary jigsaw fit. This is why they resort to bizarre methods like water dowsing, ley line analyses and communications with Lord Ashtar to “prove” it all to be true. After all, using logic and facts can only lead them down investigative cul-de-sacs that fail to provide the sexually gratifying results they so desperately crave.


And if you still think that this isn’t about Hoaxteaders’ sexual gratification, lest we forget that Charlotte, Code 2222 and others on their “team” (or what’s left of it after they’ve spent the last few weeks ripping each other to shreds) have uploaded child porn on several occasions.



But rest assured that justice will prevail. These people are evil degenerate filth and they need to be put away before they do any more harm to innocent men, women and children. We’ve already seen several arrests, two fines, one deportation and a number of video/YT channel/blog removals – and that’s just the beginning 🙂 Tick tock…



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  1. I agree, and I would add one more piece to this puzzle: those who are most determined to keep this sick hoax going are firm believers that the world is controlled by unseen, malignant forces. Call it the Illuminati, the NWO, whatever–one basic tenet of the hoaxers’ faith is that it is all essentially satanic in nature. They see the Hampstead case as their Big Chance: if they can prove that the ‘elites’ of Hampstead are cult members who murder babies and sexually abuse children, then their beliefs will be vindicated.

    This is why they cherry-pick factoids that seem to fit their version of events. It’s why they were angry, not overjoyed, when they discovered that the courts had decided the satanic abuse thing was a load of crap. It’s why they are clinging to this hoax as if it were the last lifeboat on the Titanic – because to them, it really is. Only the boat is sinking, and they’re being carried down with it.

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      • Come on over, Aangirfan…we will always endeavour to spell your name correctly. Plus our senses of humour were not amputated at birth, unlike some I could name.

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    • Well said, ORW. And to put into perspective the kind of minds we’re dealing with here, this is typical Hoaxteader Annu H. Muh’s response to questions raised over so-called evidence on one of Toothless’s videos:

      “Abandon the urge to simplify everything, to look for formulas and easy answers, and to begin to think multidimensionally, to glory in the mystery and paradoxes of life, not to be dismayed by the multitude of causes and consequences that are inherent in each experience — to appreciate the fact that life is complex.”

      I showed this to El Coyote and his response was priceless:

      “In other words, if you hear hoofbeats, assume zebras!”


  2. Good post. You only have to do some digging and you will see the same happened with the Hollie Greig case. Even though it was blatantly obvious the case had more holes in it than a lump of swiss cheese, the supporters could not and would not accept that Mr Green, Anne Greig and many others like Gerrish, Belinda Mckenzie, David Scott, etc…we’re either lying through their teeth, or just too damn lazy to look at the evidence. They all too were so desperate for Hollie to have been abused so to fulfil their own sick satisfaction. Even when Mr Green admitted that he did wrong and put innocent people through untold suffering, the idiots still would not believe the whole thing was fabricated.

    These kind of followers try and convince themselves they are the enlightened ones, but they are far from that, they are the sheep, they cannot separate the lies from the truth, so decide to believe the lies because it suits their disturbed mindset. It is not possible in any way for them to admit they have been fooled, they prefer to carry on believing because it is easier for them.

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  3. Yes. There is formal academic research supporting what you’ve said here – that thinking about & discussing the idea of evil ‘cultists’ performing monstrous sexual and physical violence upon children is LITERALLY porn for some people. For example, David Frankfurter’s “Evil Incarnate” ;

    which examines this ‘satanic abuse cult hunting’ phenomenon throughout history, and demonstrates that being a self-professed “anti abuse-cult” theorist and/or an “anti abuse-cult” hunter, provides a ‘safe’ way for these sickos to indulge their fantasies. They can’t go around saying: “let’s talk about raping & killing little children, because that gets me off”, but they CAN go around saying: “we need to discuss these evil abuse cultists who are raping and killing children, and what they do and how they do it, for the protection of our community”.

    Dr Lawrence Pazder, the inventor of the term “satanic ritual abuse”, was very obviously just such a twisted pervert. In his presentations to law enforcement personnel during “cult & occult crime” conferences, he went on & on describing in great detail the alleged sexual abuse practises of these supposed satanic abuse cults – but he NEVER gave any actual case citation references. In other words, Pazder was never describing documented events and real testimony from some “United States vs J Q Pervert” casefile, he didn’t even pretend to be doing that. It’s hard to read these rants of his, which are documented and available as transcripts from such conferences – not because its hard to imagine such horrendous perversity, but because they are so obviously his personal masturbation fantasies.

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  4. You are correct about the sublimated perversity of these SRA cult hunters, but there is something EVEN MORE monstrous about the reality that “they WANT these things to be true”.

    Some of them hope to INSPIRE lunatics to literally carry out, in real life, the monstrous crimes that they are fantasizing. There is no other conclusion to be drawn, from their fantatical determination to acheive maximum public exposure to their sick fantasies, under the guise of a “need to educate the public”. The more publicity they can acheive for their fantasies, the greater the probability that some insane person(s) will encounter them and be inspired to act them out. They want to inspire “copy-cat” crimes of their fantasies, so that those fantasies will become a reality in someone’s lives, somewhere in the world. There is some evidence that they have succeeded in this, a few times over the past 30 years, but for them “the more, the merrier!”

    This puts the nail in the coffin of their claims to actually caring about child victims, don’t you think?

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    • Your comment also makes me think of Abraham Christie when he chanted on tape to the children “Kill, kill, kill the babies, say it, yeah I like the sound of that..kill, kill.” etc.

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