Bingo! Charlotte turns on Abe!

The Hoaxtead in-fighting extravaganza continues as Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward lashes out at her beloved Abraham (with whom she’s still pretending to be in contact):


In the same mega-rant (in which she inexplicably talks about herself in the third person throughout), she also once again lays into her former boot-boys Drifloud and Toothless.

Oh but the entertainment doesn’t end there. The post is well worth a read, if only to see Charlotte stating that it’s wrong for children to go to school at all! “They should be at home with their mums and dads”, apparently.

And of course, there are the traditional speculation-presented-as-fact truther-rants about vaccinations, paedo cults and dark satanic forces and how disgraceful it is that we have to do mundane jobs to earn a crust when we should all be at home scrounging off benefits (like Charlotte)!

Her customary, hypocritical whining about “trolls” is worth a read too; ‘troll’ once again apparently being defined as anyone who disagrees with Charlotte.

There are some interesting takes on reality as well. Apparently, there are way more than two genders and her website is “the most trolled place on the internet”. She also states that she’s never asked people for money for what she does. Her familiar ‘smoothie’ appeal suggests otherwise. Oh well, if she’s short of funds, she could always go running to Belinda, whom she has never met and in whose house she didn’t live for a year (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Anyway, enjoy this entertainment while it lasts, because it’s “five to midnight for humanity”, apparently. XD



6 thoughts on “Bingo! Charlotte turns on Abe!

  1. I fearlessly predict that by the time this thing is done, no one will be speaking to anyone else, they’ll all claim to have a monopoly on the ‘truth’, and no one else will give a shit any longer.


  2. Oh, that third person rant was hilarious!
    She would have been as well as saying –
    “Dear Everybody, Jacqui never asks for money, it’s Charlotte who does! Love Jacqui”

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  3. She knows Abe has lied about SRA being done to the children, she’s just too ashamed to admit it now after this length of time. I’ve noticed how she’s been slowly introducing that thought to everyone though.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually blogs…

    Dear Everybody,

    Jacqui has been duped. Jacqui is most upset, she believes that Abraham Christie is to blame for this horrendous myth surrounding the Hampstead residents.
    Ella stupidly went along with it (we do strange things when we are in love, believe Jacqui, Jacqui knows!)

    When I think of the awful things I have done to the Hampstead residents! I cannot forgive myself.

    I resign.

    Lots of love,



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    • LMAO! You got her number there, buddy.

      By the way, I like this YT comment from Pookster:

      “Sometimes the simplest explanation is the truth. In this case there is no mystery or unexplained dimension. The kids say Abraham beat them. Abraham admits beating them. The medical report proves he beat them. The cowardly little fuckwit has a criminal record for beating kids. It’s that simple, and that complex.”

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