HOAXTEAD: setting the record straight…



And I should know – I invented* said word 🙂

Has anyone else noticed that neither Charlotte nor any of her few remaining trolls are capable of spelling it? It’s rather indicative of their research standards, don’t you think? And it’s shocking that they don’t even know how to spell the name of their own cult, isn’t it!


Mind you, as you can see, Charlotte doesn’t even know the name of her own blog. It’s called Research Hampstead yet she thinks it’s called Hampstead Research. Bless 🙂

As for the content of the above post (which bangs on for several more paragraphs)…meh – I’ll read it when I get round to it. Or maybe I won’t. It’s probably the same old bollocks as always; and let’s face it – who still listens to anything Charlotte says any more anyway?


* I also invented ‘Scamden’ too.


2 thoughts on “HOAXTEAD: setting the record straight…

  1. I read the rest of the statement. They feel this is a battle between good and evil. They say that evil fragments into division and argument, thus by this definition they must be the “evil” side. As to their statement about the “occult”, there is no good or bad occult, and they are clueless what “occult” means, which means hidden knowledge.

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