More race hate from the Hoaxtead camp

…This time from one of Drifloud’s creepy followers, who appears to be calling for a resumption of the Holocaust:


With anti-Semitic attacks on the rise in Camden and pricks like the one above proudly fuelling the flames of hatred in said borough (unchallenged by Drifloud, of course), can someone please assure us that not all Hoaxteaders are ignorant racist neo-Nazi pricks? It’s looking less and less likely with every racist, xenophobic or anti-Semitic post they put up – and Haoxteaders’ blogs are starting to look more and more like extracts from Mein Kampf every day – but do your best. Thank you 🙂

NB: the above post is illegal under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act (2006).


More on Hoaxteader bigotry and race hate:

10 thoughts on “More race hate from the Hoaxtead camp

  1. Research Hampstead is a cult. They just do not realise they are because they are so bigoted.

    Jacqui Farmer is the CULT leader – she has many cult followers.


  2. Benny has a point, those behind the Hampstead Hoax are a cult of sorts. Jacqui Farmer reminds me of those self-appointed Witchfinder Generals, who used the exact same tactics as they did in the 1640’s , looking for witch marks via their demands that the “cult” members be stripped naked, examined and photographed for the marks alleged by the children. The inclusion of Jews into the conspiracy reminds me of the blood crimes in the 1200’s where Jews were being accused of ritualistically killing children and were massacred or driven out of communities around Britain.

    I have started to think that the Research Hampstead loonies are part of a psyop.

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  3. The jewish hatred creeping in not just on RH but in the fb pages of its proponents and in some quarters of the troof movement is indeed illuminating, and is a marker of the character and personality of the supporters of this hoax, evident to every normal person standing on the outside of this issue. Those people who are unconnected to this sorry tale will gasp at their beliefs.

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  4. You’re right, nazis are everywhere. But these are Ashkenazi Jews. Condemning their activities is not anti-semitism, check your dictionary mate. You don’t have any links to Hasbara do you? Either way, you’re obviously part of the problem with spouting this tenuous bile. It would make sense if you were pro Israel actually. You already advocate the rape, torture and murder of children, so the ongoing genocide of Palestinian children is probably right up your street.


    • So let me get this straight, Baraka – publicly calling for genocide against an entire ethnic group, and blaming them for literally every crime that’s ever been committed, is perfectly fine, whilst politely disagreeing with such a belief is “tenuous bile”. Thanks for the update, Adolf.

      As for the rest of your bizarre rant – and putting aside the fact that no one actually mentioned Ashkenazi Jews – I don’t even know whether it deserves to be dignified with a response. I’m opposed to anti-Semitism – therefore, I must be an advocate for genocide against Palestinian children? Seriously? That’s your well thought out and well researched logic, is it? Oookay, LOL. So by your…er…”logic”, because I object to the oppression of black people, I must be a fan of Robert Mugabe. LMAO!


    • @Baraka
      LOL, you got owned!
      By the way, lad, if ever we need a lecture on “tenuous bile” from a creepy racist who supports both genocide and the Hampstead hoax, we’ll let you know. Don’t hold your breath though, knobhead.

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  5. AshkeNAZI Jews were responsible for the holocaust and all the propaganda associated with it. Lesser Jews not within the Kazarian banking elite were exterminated. It wasn’t six million of them incidentally, nowhere near that figure. I implore you to look into it. The same SMALL sect of Jews infiltrated the Russian government to wipe out 60 MILLION Russians after the Bolshevik Revolution. The point is, not all Jews are in on this, rather a small ruling elite, which has permeated into most governments and institutions on the planet. Check out how many politicians have dual nationality with Israel. It cannot be ruled as Anti-Semitic to condemn the known atrocities of these few, especially when a large amount of modern-day Jews do not support Israel. Anti-Semitism is a convenient tool they use to quash any rumours and defamation against the real enemy, whom aren’t even real Jews. Any Rothschild residing in Israel should be able to confirm that for you. Also, I can comfortably brand you as a supporter of the Elite, given your support of child abuse and fleeting accusations of anti-Semitism.


    • Baraka, before you fuck off to your Klan meeting, could you please provide your evidence and rationale for your extremely serious allegation that I “support child abuse”. I assume you have it, as you’d be committing a criminal offence if you didn’t, so I look forward to perusing a summary of your research. Thanks in advance.


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