Hoaxtead fruitcake brigade implodes

Thanks to Agent B for drawing our attention to the latest hilarious Hoaxtead in-fighting, currently unfolding over on the Research Hampstead blog. It seems that many of their leading members have turned on Sabine and Belinda…

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…How long, I wonder, before they set their sights on Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward, hehe?

By the way, as satisfying as it is to watch the fruitcake movement implode, don’t you also think it’s somewhat irritating that what they’re saying about Belinda and Sabine is exactly what we’ve been telling them for several months – and being threatened, abused and slandered as a result? Ho hum.

Oh well, at least we get to shout “Told you so” with a gratifying air of smugness 🙂


A fruitcake in happier times before the schism

12 thoughts on “Hoaxtead fruitcake brigade implodes

  1. “Belinda, if you know how she operates, does this: she back tracks; she pushes people forward, encouraging them to make accusatory statements. Then, she will stand back – you just need to watch her in the Hollie Greig case. She rallies the vulnerable, feeds them shit, which they so readily repeat like parrots, which then gives her the opportunity to step back, thus avoiding being arrested, unlike the idiots that do her dirty work for her. Belinda always attracts the vulnerable and mentally ill. They look to her as some kind of warrior who might protect them. LOL!!! All the time raking in the money from the blind followers, who never ask questions She loves people like that.”

    ~ Agrona

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  2. Haha, I see there has only been one post by HR in the last 24hrs. Me thinks they are dying very quicly and they will be history this time next week.

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  3. I think Charlotte is now out of the loop and, you should all be aware, if she does post anything it will not be from the horses mouth Trust me!!

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  4. YES! They are correct in what they are saying about the leaking of the videos…BUT,



    The judge had asked for her to hand in ALL the videos etc, but she did not MOTHER (SO-CALLED MOTHER), UPLOADED THEM TO HER GOOGLE DRIVE!!!!!!!

    So the initial leak was in fact mother!



  5. And mother was going to release the videos anyways, based on fabricated fcuked up absolute nonsense to get innocent people into trouble!

    In fact, mother and boyfriend had ALREADY LEAKED THE VIDEO FOOTAGE before That WITCH had.

    This is 100% proven!

    And that is all i will say for now.


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  6. Ella Draper had in her possession protected material. SHE is guilty for distributing the material. She should not have done that and I would be most surprised if she didn’t have to sign a document to the effect, that it was date protected and should not be released. If she had released videos about herself, that would be ok, but she released thrid party child related protected documentation. ELLA IS THE GUILTY PERSON Sabine, on the other hand is a complete egotistical stupid woman. You really do not have to be a trained lawyer to recognise it is against the law to identify children in abuse cases. In fact they both are equally culpable.

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  7. The steam train is running out of fuel, there is no-one left to stoke the fires any more. Ella and Abe don’t want anything to do with Sabine, (who seems to have already gone off on a tangent) or Belinda (who still stands outside the court talking bollox) . Charlotte is struggling now to put anything of consequence on her failing blag!! IT IS DYING faster than a fly being sprayed with RAID fly killer !!

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  8. LOL! That “Fruitcake in happier times” pic. Genius! Almost spat my coffee out laughing when I scrolled down and saw that.

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