Another Hoaxtead perp identified


Well done to Agent B, who’s been rummaging around Twitter and discovered this. Meet James ‘Jim’ McMenamin:


To recap, Jim was one of the heartless nutters who was shouting outrageous abuse about raping/murdering/eating babies at innocent churchgoers – and lest we forget, random passers-by – in front of several terrified children.

In begrudging fairness to some Hoaxteaders, they look back on that day with some embarrassment or even shame (and have contacted us to tell us so). Who wouldn’t, right? Who would be proud of having yelled such extreme abuse, slander and threats at random strangers (whilst sober, LOL)? Who would be proud of having supported the likes of Christine “They’re fucking your children, they’re killing your children, they’re cutting off children’s heads” Sands? Or the likes of Mark Haining, Neelu Berry, Justyna Rzeska and Leigh Ravenscroft, who chased an innocent elderly lady (whom they’d stupidly mistaken for the school’s headmistress) down the street, shouting “Why are you laughing?”, “Stop killing babies”, “We don’t want Satanists on this planet” and “They won’t be here for much longer” (a clear death threat)?

Seriously, who would be proud of that? Well, our Jim, apparently, who’s boasting about it all over his Twitter page. Perhaps it was his leading of the verbal charge against TV actress and mother Sophie Dix that he’s particularly proud of, in particular his confident announcement to his fellow fruitcakes that “She’s probably one of the teachers”. I mean, why bother to check whom you’re harassing in the street? Random is so de rigueur!

I wonder whether he’ll be so keen to boast about his exploits when he’s sitting in a Police interview room 😉



6 thoughts on “Another Hoaxtead perp identified

  1. Yes, MORE ARRESTS please!
    So many of these idjits revel in their fantasies of being anti- (insert paranoid law-maker descriptor here) rebel-outlaws, they need to experience what that really means.
    Like Annett, whose goose may be well and truly cooked after this latest cop-killing in Edmonton, Alberta. As far as I know, official eyeballs weren’t focused on him after the Eastern Canada cop massacre, but they sure are now.

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  2. Did Jim think he was brave? Or was it nothing to do on a Sunday morning apart from hurl abuse at innocent people.

    Whichever it is, I bet he will not be quite so Cocky Jim once his face is all over the internet. What will his family say?

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