SRA compensation claims can be very lucrative

…Just ask Lee Moore and Peter Garsden, the latest in a long line of laughing lawyers whose eyes have lit up with dollar signs in the wake of satanic panic scams such as the Hampstead hoax. Hey, why worry about all the lives you’re going to destroy when you can make a quick buck by preying on the gullible, the vulnerable and the mentally ill?


From last week’s Private Eye (issue 1395)

Garsden’s website, complete with the tried and tested “car salesman with fake smile” look:


Interestingly, Garsden “accidentally” forgot to mention satanic ritual abuse claims anywhere on the site. Perhaps even he is embarrassed to shout it too loudly in public.

Meanwhile, Lee Moore’s website is “under development”…

…So you’ll have to make do with Pete for now, if we want to cash in on the latest SRA hustle.



Hey folks! Wanna make a few quid (for me, mostly) by pretending you’ve been abused by a satanic cult, and fuck over a few innocent people along the way?



More on the mucky world of SRA scams:

10 thoughts on “SRA compensation claims can be very lucrative

  1. Great article. One of the largest irritants in Satanism is the constant propaganda that Satanists are involved in murder and rape, specifically of the the ritual kind. Not one of the so-called “cult” in Hampstead has been shown to be a Satanist, and many seem to be ordinary normal Christians. It is unfortunate in my opinion that most Satanists fail to counter-act these falsehoods, that are straight out of the witchfinding paranoia of the 1600’s.


  2. Thank you, Sir!

    It was Private Eye where I first read about satanic panic and Valerie Sinason et al. A real eye-opener! In fact, if you follow the link at the bottom of the post, that very article is somewhere on the list. Must have been about 2002, I think.

    By the way, are you familiar with Reverend Fraise of the Traditional Church of Satan?

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  3. Ooh, that’s interesting! Did you know he was regularly posting messages of support on Charlotte’s Hampstead Research blog? He was a fully fledged supporter of the hoax. He fell out with her when she broke her promise to stop using the word ‘satanic’ when talking about ritual abuse.


  4. Yes, I was aware, and it seemed “Charlotte” became obsessed with him. Knowing his track record I was unsure if he was just taking the piss, which was why I failed to follow up with a critical article on my own blog.

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  5. It’ll soon be in the mainstream media. I wonder how many are having sleepless night. What a life to live now. Recognised for what they really are. Murdering child raping bastards. I like private eye.


  6. It’ll be in the mainstream media when you whining weirdoes come up with a single scrap of proof to support it. Would you like one of our operatives to give you a call on 07792 441 874 so you can talk them through your evidence? Or are you still too busy conning people out of land in share scams?

    By the way, I’m sleeping very well, thanks, knowing that I haven’t rabidly supported Abraham and Ella, whom the children are still accusing of serious child abuse. Perhaps you could provide us with a rationale as to why you don’t want them investigated and how that helps you sleep at night. Thanks in advance.

    PS: scamming innocent people out of land they inherited from their dear departed mothers…Would you recommend it as a cure for insomnia?


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  8. This “Jean Clement” recording demonstrates beyond question that the Hampstead Hoax follows the classic pattern for the development of false SRA accusations – adults develop a narrative and then coax, cajole, lead or force children to recite the adult’s narrative:

    You might also like this one:

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