Margaret ‘Mougli’ Sneddon’s Death Threats

And we’re the trolls, right?

It started with comments from an email account <furqrightback@…>. That account posted filth and abuse to the blog on various occasions, using a variable IP address from the same internet service provider.

The account used a variety of (usually obscene) user names. We cannot show this information in full, as this would violate privacy laws.

On 4 July 2015, <furqrightback@…>, using an IP address ending in …206, posted using the username mougli1964.

Mougli1964 continued posting death threats and often-obscene comments during July and most of August 2015. On 27 August 2015, they started using the WordPress account, email <v7mks@…>.

However, Margaret Sneddon had posted under her own name using the email address <v7mks@…> a month before Mougli1964 started using that address. 

So…furqrightback = mougli1964 = Margaret Sneddon.


10 thoughts on “Margaret ‘Mougli’ Sneddon’s Death Threats

  1. Not the brightest button in the box is she?
    And anyone can be traced these days, there is so much software and programmes out there you can find people’s addresses.

    Just saves time for the police if you can hand over all the evidence and where to find people that make death threats.

    Better get your ‘CHAMPAIGN’ out Sneddy, it might just numb the pain when they come knocking on your door to have a word about the legality of making death threats.

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    • Plus as well as her IP address, we have her real name, photo, vague location (Whitburn in Scotland) and mobile phone number (07792 441 874). Hardly a master of disguise, is she, LOL? No wonder she got caught when she tried to pull off that land share scam XD


  2. Yes, stupid woman isn’t she? But, I would have to say, they all are over there at Research Hampstead…
    Also, she doesn’t realise she is being used as cannon fodder.
    Wonder what her next sting will out Inspector Clouseau…you have competition.

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  3. Well done detective. It won’t stop us finding you though. And you really don’t want to know what’s going to happen to you when we do but your in for a masive shock. Idiot. Xxx


  4. C’mon Sneddors show us your orange peel thighs. You know you’ve got cellulite and plenty of it so why pretend otherwise?

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