More abuse and death threats from an RH troll

…But we’re the trolls, right, not them?





My response…



11 thoughts on “More abuse and death threats from an RH troll

  1. Oh I am sorry, Scarlet, he is a naughty boy, he has been on the soda pop and that sends him quite mad.
    He was a naughty boy today, so I took his computer games away, so he must have been looking around for something to do. I had to wipe his botty earlier and pop his nappy on.

    He has got to get up early in the morning to go to church. Repent his sins. He is a very naughty boy.
    He even got Tescos to bring me some shopping, all soda pop I might add, he stole my credit card and hacked my account and there it was 40 bottles of soda, some Hariboo dummy’s and a pack of tissues

    I will make sure he is in bed soon.

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  2. Gaads! A traumatizing bike safety film from my childhood, reborn!
    Didn’t teach me what they intended, natch – affirmed my conviction that bikes were not vehicles and I should stay on the sidewalks…f*ck the laws, I wanna live!


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