Another parent replies to Charlotte’s threatening email


Thanks once again to Agent M for passing this on to us. He writes:

“Another one for HR that Charlotte won’t publish! Funny how she asks for responses but never mentions when she gets them!”


You’ve been banging the sex cult drum for long enough now. You’ve lost the original thread of your argument and are now hell bent on making any old shit up, just so long as someone, somewhere will listen.

Stop now Charlotte or I will tell the world what I have unearthed about you. I know about you, Charlotte.

I know you are 47 years old with three failed marriages behind you. You neglected your two children and they were taken into care years ago. You hit the bottle and have been in and out of ‘hospitals’ for the past 14 years. You are mentally unhinged and are driven by a dark need to attack anyone who has any semblance of a normal, happy family life.


You eat too much chocolate and drink too much gin and are often found crying behind your PC monitor in the early hours (when most of us are asleep after having fun) as you voraciously check out your website statistics only to find that a mere 46 spambots, 6 mentally ill people and a few people caught up in your little games are reading your posts for the fun of it…

I’m being polite here but I’ve read in places that you’ve been described as a ‘truffle snuffling bush pig’. That’s harsh, but it’s probably also fair and is possibly another driver behind your constant need for attention.

So that’s what I know.

You’re a failed mother who’s had substance abuse problems.  You’re driven by a tragic need to target happy people, even though these people find you both laughable and very sad. You drink too much (come on Charlotte, you know you do) and don’t eat very well.  You have skin and ‘body issues’ to contend with. As a result of all the above, you find it difficult to mix in society. You’re what a shrink would describe as ‘disenfranchised’.  Your life has no meaning so you try to find meaning via conspiracy theories. (Honestly, Charlotte – can I call you that? – I have sympathy here. If I had your life, I’d be banging away on that keyboard like there was no tomorrow.)

Keyboard-Warriors - Copy

So there you have it, Charlotte. Your life, revealed. So as I say, stop now. If you don’t, I’ll be forced to post this email and reveal the true extent of your character. OK? But wait! Wait…I forgot…NO-ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU, CHARLOTTE. Or what you write about. No-one cares if you post or not (apart from that old Woman that keeps replying to your posts – she’s scared of Jesus that one. Him or the ‘boogie woogie man’ who’s coming to get her in her bed). So in retrospect, just keep posting. Keep going. I’m sorry for taking your time up. Let’s leave it there, I shouldn’t have got involved.

And with that in mind I’d like to get back to trolling PRONTO! No time like the present.


Hampstead Sex Cult Member #4261



45 thoughts on “Another parent replies to Charlotte’s threatening email

        • i would wish more than that for the vicious harlot if she had accused me and exposed my children, named them and made our addresses and telephone numbers visible for the public, and they were USED

          I would guess you would feel just the same if you were called all the things she has called those parents, you probably won’t ever know though, because you quite possibly will never be put in that position.

          You cannot tell people how they should feel, and if they express themselves like that then so be it.


          • Hi, that is the letter I sent to Charlotte.
            It included the cancer reference even though I lost my own Father to this terrible disease in February this year.
            It’s actually my girlfriend who forwards these mails onto you. I think you’re doing a FANTASTIC job but if you’re to post what I write I suggest you print it in its entirety, or take it down. It’s a little late for keeping it nice. It was either AIDS or cancer and I thought cancer would be worse.
            I’m not leaving my email address but [NAME DELETED AT THE LADY IN QUESTION’S REQUEST] knows how to get hold of me. Cheers, BF


        • So it is acceptable for her Royal Highness to accuse those parents of killing babies!!!! which is worse???


        • I’ve taken it out now. I don’t find cancer funny and have lost people to it myself and wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even a psycho like Charlotte. That’s two bits I edited out of that letter. We have standards here at HR and God forbid we should ever stoop to the level of those loons over at RH. We’re better than them, so let’s leave the death wishes and vaj references to Charlotte and her creepy bootboy brigade.


    • I agree, it’s horrible. And so is what Charlotte has done, and continues to do, to the people of Hampstead. She thinks she can get away with publicly accusing people of terrible crimes, invading their lives and making them fear for their own safety.

      I don’t know if she’ll ever physically get cancer, but she’s already got a cancer of the psyche. It shows every time she puts up a fresh post labelling someone’s child as a cult victim, or calling someone’s grandmother a murdering, raping, cannibalistic cult member.


  1. And being called a baby eating, satanic paedophile is NOT ?

    Put YOURSELF in the position of being called a baby eating satanic paedophile and then swear that you would not feel like responding like that !!

    I know I would, Whatever comes to that bitch CW she will deserve and if you don’t like the fact that the ‘victims’ of Charlotte’s disgusting tongue are fighting back then quite frankly tough shit.


    • I love the fact they’re fighting back. I was wondering if they’re allowed to now that Summons has been issued? I just don’t like the ending. You sort of start to lose the moral high ground when you go there. Mind you, if it was me I’d probably be asking for her head on a pole which isn’t much better is it. I’ll shut up now.


      • I understand your point, but unfortunately taking the moral high ground hasn’t worked very well for the parents so far. They’ve stayed silent, allowing Charlotte to violate them publicly, and it’s not surprising that eventually their anger would build up and boil over.


        • Oh yeah, perfectly understandable. But I hope you can all understand my decision to take it out. In fairness, I did leave in the bit about her being a ‘truffle snuffling bush pig’, which I thought was a classic XD


          • I totally respect your decision, Scarlet. It’s your blog, and we play by your rules here. I think we should all try to remember that we’re on the same side here, and Scarlet has been a true heroine.


      • Exactly, if you ever had to protect yourself and your children you would probably want just the same.

        I suppose it makes people feel better if they take the moral high ground, and try and decide which is worse.


        • With respect, what we would say in that lady’s situation is academic. As we’re not in her position, we have the luxurious advantage of being able to remain rational and objective. Let’s embrace it. Oh and please please please leave the infighting to those twunts over at RH. The people you’re kicking off at are loyal HR regulars. Feel free to disagree with them but can we keep it polite and respectful, please?


      • She needs to be sat down in the church hall and made to answer to her victims face to face. Who knows, with modern restorative justice it might happen.

        Six months is I believe the max term for malicious publications. Doesn’t seem very long in this case. However I’d let have time off if she could provide evidence that fully implicated Belinda.


  2. @Joe
    And I’d suggest that if you want to post something on my blog but don’t like my rules, then go make your own blog. Oh and please, don’t feel you have to thank me for posting it for you.


  3. Ok, tuning out now.

    Bizarrely you just sunk to their level. Good luck with it.

    “It’s my ball and I’m saying who can play with it”


    • Yeah, I sunk to their level by NOT posting a cancer-related death wish. Great logic, mate. Glad you appreciate the favour I did for your “girlfriend”. You know, the one who lives in Hampstead, despite you living in Redbridge. Not that you’re a complete fraud with your own reasons for trying to get an anti-Charlotte post removed, of course 😉


      • I’ve no idea where Redbridge is and I’m stood next to my girlfriend right now…but not in Hampstead.

        You also took out the bit where I accused her of having a smelly vagina on account of her having to wear tena lady.

        But hey, it’s your blog right? Of course, you must have FULL editorial control on this important organ of the truth, ‘mate’.


        • Yeah, because death wishes and sexual harassment are what we’re all about. By the way, you’ve made your point, so you can fuck off now. Cheers.


          • Wow.


            It was all going so well until you took a credibility hit.

            Harsh profanities at one of the people involved in all of this, on top of you editing my email to suit your own needs.

            I’ll take your charming advice and f-off.


          • “Fuck off” is a harsh profanity now, Toothless? Wow, you’re way too sensitive for this blog. Go have a good old cry with your imaginary girlfriend instead.


  4. I’ve calmed down about it now. Going through the cancer thing right now with a close friend so it was a raw nerve sort of thing.
    My sincere hope for those that have persecuted parents, teachers etc is that they see the inside of a cold, dark cell and they have to share it with Bill the Bastard. That do ya?


    • Lord Ash Tar, I actually agreed with you and followed your advice and removed the cancer reference, resulting in a torrent of anger from some of my hitherto most loyal comrades. What more do you want from me?


        • p.s. And sorry about the torrent of anger. 😦 Truth is that when I saw the original message I was ready to leave here and not return. Think it would have put others off too and you’d lose public sympathy.
          JF’s victims have reason to be red hot angry but perhaps this isn’t the place to air the worst of your fantasies about her eventual fate….perhaps we need another blog called ‘What I’d like to do to JF’. Pass me a red hot poker please.


          • Leave if you want to. I’m not after “public sympathy”. And I did not write that letter – that was genuinely from a Hampstead parent, as was the last one. And I took out the bit about cancer AND the bit about Charlotte’s vagina. As a result, three of my friends/allies are now not talking to me. If I’d kept it in, you and others would have stopped talking to me. It was a Catch 22 and as most of you seem incapable of seeing that, I made my decision based on the fact that it’s my fucking blog so I’ll post what the fuck I want to and if any of you don’t like it, start your own blog. No offence.


      • Point taken and yes a Catch 22.
        You have a right to do as you wish of course. No argument from me there.
        I never thought for a minute thought you’d written the letter.


  5. Never mind cancer and vaginas. I have a much more serious complaint:
    It’s a disgrace!


    • Actually, I hear it’s your girlfriend who’s crying. She’s extremely unhappy at you for endangering her safety by posting her real name on here and for spouting all that shite about her not wanting her letter edited. Seriously, what were you thinking, Brad? You’re happy to risk your girlfriend’s safety and to use her name to aid with your online trolling? Wow, she struck lucky when she met you, didn’t she. Just assure me that you don’t beat her too. I’m starting to worry for her welfare as long as someone like you is in her orbit.


  6. Think again fuckwit.

    Get hold of the facts from ‘Agent M’ or whatever your little adventure calls her/him.

    Wrong names (but good job for printing anyway, that’ll help for sure) and wrong relationship. It’s all passed to you via a 3rd party with hope of aiding you.

    Cue reply from you “I don’t need your help”, “get your own blog”, “fuck off” etc etc.

    You had the moral high ground. You’re now just one side of a two-sided argument.


  7. **slow clap**

    As one of the ’20 special parents of the 20 special kids’ thanks for all your hard work and support at this difficult time.

    (delete as appropriate)


  8. Oh and for the record, [NAME DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS] is very angry with you, Scarlet, not with me.

    Don’t bother replying. You won’t here from me again.


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