The Return of Moaning Margaret


First, let’s savour Margaret’s awesome investigative skills (otherwise known as 4-month-old idle gossip):

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God forbid Sneddy should check names, dates, places or facts when publicly accusing people of being baby-eating paedophiles. I mean, why worry about being certain you’ve got it right when all you’re doing is setting out to destroy lives, terrify children and tear families apart? Besides, who needs facts when you’ve got the tried and tested Hoaxteader technique of “He looks creepy – therefore, he must be guilty” to fall back on?

Ah but now she’s got her teeth into the case, Detective Sneddy won’t let it go:

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The snag, though, is that Sneddy never asked me any question. In fact, the above comment is the only thing she’s ever posted on this blog under that or any other user name, as a simple search for her IP address in the comment files reveals:



Aww, never mind, Sneddy – you’ve done your credibility no harm and I’m sure your Hoaxteader mates won’t think any less of you. And if you’d still like me to answer your question for you, whatever it may be, I’d be happy to email you on or call you on 07792 441 874. I’d also be happy to pass on your contact details to the innocent man you’ve just slandered on the internet too if you’d like. You’re welcome 🙂


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11 thoughts on “The Return of Moaning Margaret

  1. Miss Marple on acid, more like.

    The world must seem like one long “bad trip” to people like Margaret. Wouldn’t you hate to live in her head?

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  2. Research isn’t their strong point over their. Six weeks to get hold of those plans of the school? If they knew what they were doing they could have had them in six minutes – indeed I have looked at them plus a lot more information. I won’t say where they are publicly available, I don’t want to make Ms Wards job any easier – but anyone who was a proper researcher might have worked it out. Still no rooms labeled “Baby Abattoir” or “Child Brothel”, or Scooby Doo type tunnels leading to the church (lit by the obligatory flaming torches).
    Charlotte and her crew struggle with simple ideas like two people having similar names. They are the ultimate prize parsnips. This sort of amnesia isn’t surprising.

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  3. haha..just let them keep submitting FOI’s (even when they don’t require to) while we sit back and continue to laugh at their “investigation skills”

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