10 thoughts on “Sabine in German benefits bid

    • What question, Margaret. This is your only comment anywhere on the blog. Do you have a link?
      Want me to email you or give you a call so you can ask me for real? 😉


    • Maybe if you asked it somewhere other than “in your own head”, you’d be more likely to get an answer, Margaret.

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  2. Poor Sabine, no money, and begging. Not a very good image for a McKenzie Friend is it.
    Should have brushed up a bit on the law before you started publishing videos and testimonies. In fact, just brushing up on the law might have helped everyone involved in your latest hoax!!

    So 729 signatures eh? How many millions has it been estimated that have viewed the Hampstead case? Millions? What more evidence so you need, there are only the small-minded followers that have signed about 729 out of millions??? Says it all Sabine…you are defunct in more ways that one.

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  3. Ah, Long legs of the Law, you are forgetting, out of those 729, take out the people that have probably voted twice or more under different names, the people that have just signed, not having read anything, just been shocked at the headline of the petition, and you most like have a sum total of ….say, 5

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  4. I wonder if the people that sponsered Justyna in her fun run were aware that she was going to give the sponsor money to Sabine?

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