Child abuser Charlotte Ward posts more private photos of children

This woman really is creepy, isn’t she. And it seems she’s learnt nothing from her last WordPress ban. Let’s hope WordPress doesn’t find out that she’s sneaked back in under a false name and carried on committing the very same child abuse offences for which she was banned first time round. Oh…too late!


Child abuser Charlotte Ward, who seems to have a thing for choirboys, cub scouts and young footballers

More on Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward’s paedophilia and child abuse:

17 thoughts on “Child abuser Charlotte Ward posts more private photos of children

  1. Yes, Jacqui looks haggered (meow meow)

    Could be all the stress of being an alleged abuser

    Let’s pray she gives up that rotten life and turns herself in

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  2. Her pal Brave Heart has been having problems:

    “I was confronted at my front door by a unknown person. He knew me by name and address. The only people I have disclosed my address to was a friend (I had asked if he gave it out) and my mother. I have only been at this address for a few months. This person threatened me, was aggressive and accused me of sending inappropriate images to his partner on facebook.”

    I’m sure Charlotte is very worried about this breach of her friends privacy- I mean what sort of monster gives out other people’s personal details without permission? People who do that sort of thing need to be stopped – or named and shamed themselves.


  3. Hehe, it’s all very well you taking the piss Scarlet, but let me tell you, them London coppers must be shitting themselves now. Have you seen the latest from Drifloud, who if you didn’t already know is a “conscious living being”. They failed to respond to him by the 30th June which he demanded and now he has found them guilty of fraud etc. Bloody marvellous I say.


  4. Scarlet. I’ve only just noticed, have you seen Ms Farmer has a ‘donate’ part of her site.?


  5. Charlotte is building up so much evidence against herself. Well done lady, keep going, it will all go to a harder judgement.

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