Look whom the Hoaxteaders are keen to egg on!


Melanie Shaw is a mentally ill, convicted arsonist who twice attacked a family home. On the first occasion, she carried out an arsonist attack whilst the family’s two children slept inside and daubed abusive graffiti about one of the family’s daughters on their front door. Thanks to Agent O for this link:

Sherwood woman Melanie Shaw…[has been] convicted of arson after a family of five had to flee their home when she allegedly set fire to their shed…Melanie Shaw…was found guilty of starting a shed fire and throwing paint on a Sherwood family’s home last month…She was convicted by a jury’s unanimous verdict of arson, being reckless as to whether life was endangered on February 1, and damaging property at the same house on June 26….Shaw suffered from mental illness…She was banned by a five-year restraining order from contacting the victims of the arson attack or going to their address…Shaw was said to have had a grudge against a friend at a house where the sheds were set on fire…Shaw, a churchgoer, lived nearby and had threatened her pal before starting a fire in the family’s garden shed as they slept, the court heard. The friend’s husband, who raised the alarm, told the court that they had all gone to bed when he awoke and heard a noise like the sound of running water…He thought one of the children had left a tap on but when he got up, he saw orange flames against the landing window…Flammable acetylene gas bottles had been inside the shed but remained intact…The fire happened in the darkness, so it was not until the following morning that the family saw abusive graffiti on a door and a wall about their daughter…Four months after starting the blaze, Shaw attacked the family’s home again, throwing paint at the house.

~ Nottingham Post, 11.12.14


Charlotte Ward’s take on Melanie Shaw:




21 thoughts on “Look whom the Hoaxteaders are keen to egg on!

  1. Good grief!! They are hailing her as a heroine !!
    She could have killed someone !! And she is a heroine?? Applaud her courage – WHAT?!
    She should have never been let out, she sounds like a mad woman.

    So basically, let’s get some things straight…..

    You torture children – that is ok
    You neglect children – that is ok
    You nearly kill people – that is ok

    Unbelievable !!!

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  2. I feel incredibly sorry for Melanie. She’s obviously not well and comes across like a lot of child abuse survivors I’ve met, very vulnerable. This doesn’t mean though that she’s totally innocent and just because she probably doesn’t remember committing an offence it doesn’t mean she didn’t. It’s impossible for her to have been convicted of this offence without a trial. You couldn’t cover this up.

    I don’t actually think Melanie is telling lies. I think she’s got mental health problems and perhaps a duff memory.

    Please don’t do a hatchet job on her on this site. She strikes me as someone who could be pushed over the edge and end it all. I’ve seen this happen a few times when I worked in the system and child abuse survivors couldn’t take any more. The people we should be angry with are those around her who do nothing to help her get a grip on reality.

    I’m angry with Brian Gerrish. Can he be so gullible? He seems to believe anything people tell him so long as it fits in with his preconceived ideas about things.


    • It’s because she’s mentally ill and potentially vulnerable that I didn’t post her picture. She’s another one like Neelu who needs professional help instead of being egged on by Charlotte et al for their own twisted entertainment.

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    • Good luck with that request.
      I think these people in this blog are probably actually masturbating every time they make fun of the mentally vulnerable.
      They all need to see a psychotherapist – and I know just the candidate!

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    • Take the video down if you don’t this it’s appropriate. She does have her picture all over the net though. 😦


    • I agree with Scarlet that Melanie Shaw sounds much like Neelu: she’s being used by the troofers to further their own agendas, and rather than receiving the help she needs, idiots like Gerrish and Charlotte Ward just push her further into trouble. They’ll use anyone, so long as their own twisted world view is validated.

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  3. I assume you have contacted Gerrish and told him this too, if you have what response did you receive?


  4. I was talking to Lord Ash Tar above that requested we don’t do a hatchet job on Melanie, and I asked if they have also contacted Gerrish. And if they had what did he say.

    It is about time people starting making a stand against Gerrish …he is a dangerous idiot.
    I know many that have contacted him and asked perfectly reasonable questions and he has bee most abusive and obnoxious towards them.

    Ask Brian Gerrish to desist in bringing mentally ill vulnerable people onto his show…..he is doing her more harm than good…and then come back and let us know what he says


    • I’ve had dealings with him before and there’s no point in contacting him. He doesn’t listen. He won’t listen. I can’t figure him out.

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  5. You like laughing at abuse victims?

    Rest assured, we will all be laughing hard when you hit the fan.

    You fucking sick cunt, we know what your family get up to.


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      I will send the boys round and tell the mods you fukkin RiceKrispieheads.


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  8. I am a wanker . …everyone agrees. I make loads of money out of using people. It is such good fun. I want charlotte to come on my famous TV show she is the looney kind and I just love them


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