Charlotte’s ‘Poetry’ (God help us!)


I’d tell her not to give up her day job but sitting on her fat sweaty arse in a Surinamese jungle hut all day whinging about Satan isn’t exactly a job.



A Vogon wincing at Charlotte’s poem

7 thoughts on “Charlotte’s ‘Poetry’ (God help us!)

  1. Aww, poor old Charlotte (‘X’ is her one of her socks, by the way). That attempt at poetry was painful!

    Charlie luv, just so you know, a limerick consists of 5 lines and the rhythm/rhyming scheme is:

    9A, 9A, 5B, 5B, 9A

    Yours, however, is 7 lines long and the rhythm/rhyming scheme is:

    8A, 9A, 6B, 5C, 6D, 5E, 9C


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    • Charlotte has trouble with poetry in general–witness her appalling use of “free verse” as a blog form. She must have slept through that portion of her O-levels.

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  2. Scarlet. Is it just me or do you agree that this ‘Drifloud’ character might actually be Nutty Neelu? Just look at the ‘wording’ “I’m a conscious living being” and all that crap. Just a thought.


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