Charlotte’s new trolling blog disintegrates

Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen!

And the real question is…Did she fall or was she pushed? 😉


Of course, the daft bint will be back in one guise or another. Perhaps as one of her trolling socks, like Jacqui Farmer, Carleea, AkhaldanSolo or Sickened. Child abusers are notoriously persistent. Or there’s Eddy the Cat, of course, who has 9 lives, all of them tragic and pointless. And we’ll be ready and waiting to make her squirm again, hehe 🙂


6 thoughts on “Charlotte’s new trolling blog disintegrates

  1. Oh dear. Hope it is down, but she is probably grunting and sweating trolling through loads more porn to put up and blame someone else.

    Oh well, suppose we will all have to do over time at work so she can sit on her fat arse and blog all day again. Lazy COW

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    • I know! Cheeky bitch! I’d much rather my taxes helped fund wars and the Queen’s arse wiper, than some fancy malancey blogging bint. I mean, that’s only right and normal as any DECENT person would know! Nyeh. I need a stiff fucking snifter I can tell you!


  2. It’s poor trevor i feel sorry for. They had a row today, he had a strop and pulled the new site, and Charlotte is in hysterics. She needn’t be, no one really noticed she’s gone. No one will be there welcoming her back, but let her find that out for herself. lol.

    Poor trevor.

    All that work, and all he gets is a smelly, ratty, obsessed troll he has to service whenever the whim takes her. He really does not like it anymore. He is thinking of leaving her.


  3. But I thought dear Trevor Namaste did all her bloggy design stuff! Where’s he when she needs him? Looks like even the hoax loyalists are jumping ship, sly little rats that they are.

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  4. I managed to read her latest message today before the site went down, it mentioned that it would take a few days to get things up and running but that E&A had received some great news but she couldn’t comment on it yet.. but she said it was good news.
    Perhaps it’s news that McDonald’s are finally going to sell a McBaby Burger and will send E&A a cheque for the inspiration.


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