Please keep reporting those illegal YouTube videos and channels

…And thank you to all of you for the ones you’ve already reported. We have had countless videos already removed, as well as a number of channels that have uploaded them. If you wish to support our efforts, here’s a good place to start:



rf443 Untitled

Here are some other channels worth keeping an eye on (many of which have had videos banned thanks to your efforts and ours):


5 thoughts on “Please keep reporting those illegal YouTube videos and channels

  1. I’ve been doing this for a while. The most abusive thing about this case are the public videos. How are these children going to feel when they’re older and can’t escape or move on from what happened?

    Thank you for listing the above.

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  2. This post is excellent. YT can be slow to act on reported videos though, I know, as I’ve reported many of these. I won’t give up though.

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  3. Cheers, mate. If it gives you hope, I (and possibly other people) reported every one of the original testimony uploads (which were put up by Henry Curteis) back in February and managed to get every one of them taken down.

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