5 thoughts on “Hoaxtenders: Episode 39

  1. Spotted on Hamster Recharse’s tap blog, Charlatan is still on the hunt for “secret rooms” hee hee..

    **Thanks to TT for informing us that the Christ Church School FOI request for the school’s building plans has been completed; the plans are now available. We would like to thank alleged abuser and Christ Church School Administrator Ann Connock for the time if must have taken her to handle these requests. So everybody, particularly those of you who have the necessary experience, please feel free to cast your eyes over them to rule out the possibility of a) secret rooms and b) tunnels between the Church and the school, as advised by our friendly Satanist (although he has not been that friendly lately) Rev Fraize. We are still awaiting the results of the FOI about the teachers’ qualifications; I’ll keep you posted.**

    The cheek of her thanking the School Administrator – yet still calling her an “alleged abuser!!”


  2. Watch out girls…..Kev is on the loose, he will be bringing his socks for you to darn, and his shirts for you to sew buttons on….!!!

    What a greasy slime ball he is….and right old con-man.

    JUST what the Hampsters ordered.

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