Comedy of the Week: Sabine’s 6-Step Plan

Don’t forget your violins. Her sob story is sooo heartbreaking XD

Step 1 – THE U-TURN


Translation: “Waah waaah, you smelly poopy-heads made me close my blog and then you launched Operation Bombshell and got my beloved Charlotte’s blog closed down, so now I can’t use that educationally subnormal bitch to spread my hate and lies any more. Not fair. Waaaaaaaah!”



Because, of course, what Sabine wants is the top priority here. It’s all about her, after all. And she has sooo many fans. I’m sure that all the innocent men, women and children whose lives she has sought to wreck are all rooting for her!



Sooo, now she wants to do what we’ve been telling her to all along and come back to the UK. Let’s hope she doesn’t make a twat of herself by trying to wriggle out of facing justice for her crimes…Oh bugger, she blew it in the last bit. D’oh! Sorry, Sabine – shout as much as you want but you cannot have your cake and eat it. We’ll make sure of that 😉



Two sources? Yes, Dear – we all believe you. LMAO! By the way, luv, there’s a slight snag here. You’ve committed another crime (defamation) in the very comment where you’ve denied being a criminal. Oops! And trust us on this – the people you keep accusing of being abusers – and their terrified children who’ve been traumatised by your epic lies – want justice. They also want to ask you why you – yes, you – illegally leaked those vulnerable children’s confidential video testimonies online, along with the names, addresses phone numbers and descriptions of dozens of innocent Hampstead parents, teachers, social workers, Police officers and clergy (remember, you admitted it in that Radio 4 documentary). They cannot and will not let this go. So good luck with “dealing with the Police”, hehe 😉

Step 5 – SELF-PITY

5Psst: please don’t any of you tell Sabine it was us who blew the whistle on her regarding her pension credits and got them stopped 😉

“And oh dear, what’s this on pages 7 and 8? Should Sabine fail to abide by the terms of this injunction (as she has done, with feckin’ bells on!), she loses her pension credits. And guess what – Special Agent M has kindly begun proceedings to…pardon the irony here…blow the whistle on her.”



Now, where’s that sick bucket?


Sabine begging on the streets of Berlin


9 thoughts on “Comedy of the Week: Sabine’s 6-Step Plan

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  2. My heart bleeds. It really does. The woman who cc’d a blogger with video evidence she was given, wrongly, by the woman she professed to ‘help’ and consequently ruined the lives of two children who were already vulnerable and abused. She is a narcissist and legally illiterate. And probably more. The one good thing to come of this is that the children are away from that ‘mother’ and her psycho boyfriend.

    Btw: Henry Curteis – or ‘tap’,is a person that has played a pivotal role in this whole mess (with ‘papa kills babies’ original yt page) and to this day(today!) facilitates the continuation of the harassment of innocent people – now hosting Charlotte Ward.

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  3. I don’t find it funny TBH that this woman has managed to ruin her life by acting like a complete idiot. What did she expect? A medal? If I was her solicitor I’d be really angry because she’s STILL making accusations online. What is WRONG with these people? It must be personality disorder of some kind. You can’t just go around making unfounded accusations and not expect to face consequences.

    As I’ve said before it’s one thing to hold an opinion and take part in discussions online – it’s another thing altogether to accuse people of being child abusers and post their details. The people who do this are nothing more than vigilantes.

    I can actually understand the frustration they feel when they see real child abusers not being dealt with. I’ve felt this myself and I want justice for the victims – but not at the risk of accusing innocent people and acting like I’m in the cast of the bloody Crucible.

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  4. Sabine McNeill is a fantasist. For some reason has appointed herself as the mouth piece for the fight against child abuse. I don’t want her representing anyone on MY behalf, she does not have a clue about the law. She is just a mental old hag, that has nothing better to do than to meddle in things she knows nothing about.

    I would pay to keep her in Germany. I don’t want her in the UK. I don’t want a penny of my tax to go to that stupid old cow.


  5. Cheeky cow, a Feed the victims fund indeed. Sorry love but you are not the victim here so quit your whining Sabine. Your landlord wants you out because you are an old annoying sick c**t

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