Another Day, Another Slice of Hoaxteader ‘Proof’

No doubt Charlotte’s bootboys like Sickened, Arkhaldan et al will once again claim we’ve taken this out of context. But this is a screenshot. Unedited, unadulterated, with a link to the thread, comment and post (and, therefore, the context) from which it was taken, as always. So without further ado, let us hand over to Imogen, one of Charlotte’s minions, to explain her irrefutable proof that a woman she has never met and about whom she knows nothing is a baby-fondling Satanist cannibal:


So there you have it, folks. According to Imogen, in the one photo she’s ever seen of her, the lady in question (allegedly) looks a bit shifty. Ergo, she’s guilty as charged. Hold on, I’ll fetch the manacles…


The lady in question

Personally, I just think she looks bored. But what would I know? I bow to Imogen’s legal expertise on this one 🙂

PS: re. the title of the source post – WILL ‘EXTREME’ TROLLS ON YOUTUBE GET BANNED? – the answer, evidently, is yes. We got Guidance 2222 banned. He’s come back but rest assured, Charlotte – he’s being closely monitored 😉


11 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Slice of Hoaxteader ‘Proof’

  1. WELL DAMN AND BLAST IT CHARLOTTE you have a crack team there!!

    WHATTO…..Imogen you are amazing, just one look at the face and BANG!!!! you have clinched it.

    I sincerely hope all the police forces in the land will recognise your ability Imogen…YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

    HEERRM….!!! COUGH….WHICH NUTHOUSE ARE YOU IN AT THE MOMENT ??? and have they let you out for the weekend??

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  2. I think we might as well add Patrick Cullinane too, now that he seems to have been dragooned into Belinda’s outpatient fiasco. Though his mentions of the Hampstead hoax do see half hearted. has he done enough, yet?


  3. I do believe that Charlotte and her ilk are all a sandwich short of a picnic. Lights may be on but there is certainly no one at home


  4. That is an awful photo of me after I confronted Christopher Everard about him having child pornography in his possession. I had been crying and arguing with him and he had been yelling at me. He then decides to get his camera out and start taking photos around his so-called “studio” and he snaps that photo of me. I have been trying to expose Everard for going on three years now and I’ve had to endure all his slander and threats, etc. I have reported Everard to the police and the FBI.

    Please see my current video:


  5. Also, please see the forum we set up about Christopher Everard and all his criminal activities. Thank you.

    For years, Everard has been hiding behind google search words and meta tags. And when someone goes public about his deviant lifestyle and criminal activities he screams “persecution” because he claims to be a “leader” in the so-called truth movement. He’s a deviant hiding behind a fake internet persona. And I’ve been trying to put him in prison for going on three years now.


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