Hampstead Research imparts a death threat

“These people need to be rounded up and executed.”



Well, Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward, you must be very proud of yourself. After months of dishonestly claiming to be “opposed to violence in all its forms”, you’ve now posted a death threat to hundreds of innocent men, women and children on your pig’s toilet of a blog.

Whomever it originated from, you’re the one posting it, you’re the one sanctioning it, you’re the one justifying, applauding and supporting it. And you’ve shamelessly shared it on your blog as a deliberate attempt to further intimidate the innocent men, women and children who have already suffered enough as a result of your actions (and the Police have been alerted to what you have done).

If anyone does get killed as part of your rabid hate campaign, you will have blood on your hands (which probably won’t bother you, as you’ve never shown so much as a smidgeon of guilt for the lives you’ve already wrecked). Shame on you.

You have now made Operation Bombshell even more important. We’re just finalising a few details and it’ll be ready to roll. Brace yourself, luv – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride from hereon in. You are going to regret your death threat, child abuse and disgraceful harassment of the people of Hampstead. Tick tock…



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