Charlotte Ward pissed off about Sabine’s blog shutdown


I’m sure you will all get immense satisfaction from this (though you will cringe at Charlotte’s claim that Sabine is “a peaceful lady”):

“Sabine has been advised by her legal advisors to shut down her Whistleblower Kids blog…She needs to get home safely to her flat. Without being arrested by crooked Barnet/Colindale police. Hauled in like a common criminal In the back of a van. That’s what happens in the UK. If you try to help stolen children. Even if you are a peaceful lady. A yoga practitioner. Who says she is nearly 70!”

Fingers crossed that Sabine doesn’t get home without being arrested. That would give us all even more immense satisfaction. Am I right?

By the way, I’m intrigued by Charlotte’s “logic” (as always, LOL). She seems to be offering up the fact that Sabine practises yoga as proof that she is a peaceful lady! Well, correct us if we’re wrong but didn’t she only yesterday claim that the yoga scene was full of satanic cultists? Her allegation can be seen in this disgraceful post:

Incidentally, our use of the word ‘disgraceful’ is due to the fact that in this post (which contains the usual lurid allegations about satanic child abuse), Charlotte yet again displays a photo not just of her latest innocent victim (taken from stalking her on Facebook) but also of the poor woman’s three young children. We reiterate – this is child abuse. Charlotte Ward, you are a child abuser. Fact.

Oh well, she will be laughing on the other side of her face when Operation Bombshell is launched. Ever wondered what Charlotte looks like? We haven’t. Because we already know 😉


6 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward pissed off about Sabine’s blog shutdown

  1. It’s actually ready, mate. I’m at the mercy of the great El Coyote on this one. He’s planning the phases as we speak. He wants each part to be timed to coincide with information being submitted to our Police contacts.


  2. Sabine being ordered to close down her malicious criminal blog is a bit of a “bombshell”, eh?
    Perhaps “multiple grenade attack” might better describe what is taking place behind the scenes…. All I can say to Charlotte ward is: “in-com-ing!!!”


  3. Big-time, mate! Wheels are already in motion as regards Operation Bombshell but I’m sworn to secrecy. But rest assured that much is happening behind the scenes 😉


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