Charlotte slanders Camden Children’s Play Service

It’s hard to imagine the fear, anxiety and stress that this will cause those poor little children who attend said play service. Actually, no it isn’t, as we’ve seen it time and time again among the children of Hampstead’s churches and primary schools whom the likes of “bogey men” like Charlotte, Christine, Neelu, Code and Belinda keep deliberately terrifying with their sexually vivid scare stories.

But don’t worry, folks. That email template came in handy again and we’ve contacted Camden Council via their website and given them Charlotte’s full name and contact details. Hopefully, they’ll sue the scabies off the lying skank 😉

Jacqui Farmer Bitstrip

Charlotte looking worried

3 thoughts on “Charlotte slanders Camden Children’s Play Service

  1. Her time is limited I’d say…. Meanwhile Belinda seems to have given Sabine’s brief to Patrick Cullinane. Hence the numerous recent jew-hating comments on HR as Cullinane is a nazi… Charlotte will carry on until WordPress force her to close the blog.

    I bet the government will be enthusiastic for new legislation to speed up cross-border internet censorship…. meanwhile I can only surmise that Charlotte is paid by the post. Obviously she needs the money!

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