TROLL UPDATE: more hilarity from the Hoaxtead genii :)

The eminent academics Mougli and Sickened seem a little upset, so they’re reacting with their usual insightful ripostes:




6 thoughts on “TROLL UPDATE: more hilarity from the Hoaxtead genii :)

    • Hmm did I shoot the messenger, a “Mr Really Angry” who pointed me to trollstead?
      Apols if so but if that’s the case I know you’ll understand.
      I can’t tell which avatars are fake, cloned or friendly anymore! Lol


  1. Charlotte’s latest post is “Where is Scarlet Scoop?” She is obviously missing you!

    Maybe she will have some company soon, hopefully in the form of some nice policemen.


    • Unfortunately, FS, I’m one of the mugs who have to go to work every day in order to earn money and pay taxes so that Charlotte can sit at home all day scrounging off benefits and moaning about Jews and Blacks.


  2. Geez, those guys have me rolling on the floor laughing! The wit! the humour! Honestly, they’re almost as good at writing comedy as they are at “joining the dots”!


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