Charlotte’s minion Arkhaldan gets even more desperate

Haha, check out the desperation and self-projection here:


“Yeah I think since they are feeling slighted over there because their ringleader was outed as being a pedophile for surfing illegal pornographic websites and the non-entity who runs it is feeling scared and ignored…”

Yep. Self-projection and hypocrisy at their finest. Lest we forget that this is coming from the team who’ve uploaded images of child pornography on three separate occasions. And that the above illegal comment is in a rant against people who break the law!

Oh and as for the “ignored” thing, we’re getting showered with comments of support with every post at the moment (Hamster Reacharse currently averages between 0 and 3, LOL) and our viewer and visitor counts have tripled in the last two weeks. Perhaps it was the post referring to Boris Johnson as the “Lord Mayor” which finally did for what little remained of Charlotte’s credibility, haha. Even Reverend Strawberry has officially told her to fuck off now 😉

See more rants from Arkhanldan and other Chralotte bootboys here:

My favourite one is where Arky claims that Cockneys come from Liverpool 🙂


11 thoughts on “Charlotte’s minion Arkhaldan gets even more desperate

  1.……… this is my favourite piece of Arky’s blag.

    they all sound like a bunch of fat bloated self righteous Englishmen sitting around at one of their cheeky pubs like a bunch of hens henning the rumors of the neighborhood, in other words like a bunch of straight bitches

    I LIKE THAT !! that is breath taking….it really gets the imagination whirling… descriptive and yet so,,,,,WRONG!!! LOL!!!

    Bloated Englishmen Hens Bitches ……..and now for £72 million….what is the next word in the sequence ?

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  2. He sounds a very clever chappie. Wonder why he is following Hampster Regurge over the road there?
    Ask him if he wants to visit over here and join the sensible ones….??


  3. Wait, Hoaxtead Research has a ringleader AND a non-entity who runs the blog? And we lobby for the rights of rights of “people that WERE ACCUSED ON FILM ALLEGATIONS OF HORRIFIC CRIMES”???

    Why am I always the last to know these things? Why do I have to hear it from the likes of Mr AlkaSeltzer Solo? I ask you.

    p.s. Apparently all it takes to be “in the right” on this one is to accuse people of horrific crimes on film. Once that’s done, it’s bombs away! So basically, we can accuse the lying liars at Hamster Research of anything we like, and know that NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO DEFEND THEM.

    This is brilliant. I’m so glad AnkleBracelet Solo filled me in.

    We’d best get on that.


  4. Scarlet you said Arky could whistle out of his arse, he talks out of it, he could be a grand whistler.
    Part of a secret cult of whistlers. ahh he is the ringleader of the Whistleblowers, their Grand Lodge is in Liverpool and the secret password ……..(so I am told) is Cockney.

    I am glad I went to the Charlotte Ward School of Investigation Skills. The money spent was well worth it.

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  5. Scarlet, where do you chime on the Greville Janner case? Do you think he’s innocent, or confirmed a paeodophile inexorably linked to the pedo ring encircling parliament?


  6. Jacqui / Charlotte is once again wondering why no one has replied to her “polite enquiries”. Apparently if she received a disturbing email from a stranger she would be more than happy to send them pictures of her genitalia!


  7. I think he’s in it up to his neck, mate. And between you and me, there’s a rumour that he has connections to Belinda, Sabine and Charlotte, going way back.


  8. Well, she never replies to us, so fair’s fair.
    As for pictures of Charlotte’s saggy bits, I’ve that nightmarish image has just put off my tea!


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