♫ Da-doo pon-pon-pon, da-doo pon-pon! ♫

Thanks to El Coyote for this very amusing find. It’s a cringeworthy post from Charlotte Ward’s slimy sock/minion/bootboy Ponpon:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3_38_59 PM

Dear Ponpon

We’ve discussed your hilarious meltdown, paranoid delusions, rather obvious bluff and empty threats at this evening’s board meeting and reached a unanimous conclusion which can be summarised thus:



2 thoughts on “♫ Da-doo pon-pon-pon, da-doo pon-pon! ♫

  1. We are waiting for this PARTAAAY to get started. I think request has already been made to
    pon pon Charlotte Jacqui Carleea Eileen to provide the details of your lawyers, we can then GIVE THEM OUR DETAILS !! WHY have you not done this??

    You don’t even have to call the Police knob brain, just give us the details of your Big Guns lawyer and we will give them our names, ready to meet you in court!!

    Come on, what are you scared of, Internet Warrior ????


  2. Let the party start. I know someone called Belinda who is great at making sandwiches for picnics, probably got loads left over from her last one

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