Open Letter to Charlotte Ward (from El Coyote)

Thanks to El Coyote for this rather poignant letter:

“Well, well, well. Looks like our friend Charlotte (Ward) Alton, aka “Jacqui Farmer”, got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Apparently, she’s not keen on having Hoaxtead Researchers tunnel through her life. Who knows what we might find?

All sorts of things: her pathetic attempts to break into the academic realm on the coattails of an actual professor at a real university, based only on her paltry B.A., perhaps? Or her whining and moaning about how Peter Joseph, who made the viral YouTube video Zeitgeist: The Movie hurt her pwecious feelings by telling her her Conspirituality essay was bollocks? Or the names and addresses of her family members, past lovers, and people she’s wronged over the years (and believe us, there were more than a few)? Her drug-taking habits and sexual preferences? Her personal debts, her homes (rented and owned) over the years, the size of her knickers (and why that’s a source of deep psychic pain to her)? My goodness, what a lot of information is available via the Internet! All there in public view, ripe for the picking. Why, we’ve even found several photos of her, even though she’d obviously gone to some lengths to avoid having her picture published online. But you know, the Deep Net is a big place.

Charlotte’s response to this? The hissy fit di tutti hissy fits. Threats of legal action. Threats that she will sic her lawyers on us.

We understand this reaction, we really do. We’ve heard the same pain, outrage, and bewilderment from so many parents, teachers, and church-goers in Hampstead who’ve gone through exactly the same thing, simply because they lived in a neighbourhood that Charlotte and her unsavoury friends have decided is a hotbed of Satanic ritual abuse. We’ve heard from people who fear going outside because their once quiet neighbourhood is now prey to stalkers like Charlotte’s creepy friend Code 2222; people who dare not let their children play outside, or attend school without adult accompaniment and police guards. People who’ve lost business clients, who’ve been stalked and harassed by phone and email, when they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. People whose lives have been turned upside down by prolonged, intentional cyberstalking. Charlotte, we understand that this is what it feels like. It feels invasive, it feels intrusive, it feels like a violation…because that’s exactly what it is.

It’s payback time, Charlotte. Time for you to gain a deep and personal understanding of how it feels to have a bunch of people you’ve never met rifle through your underwear drawer, and air out what they find. And to tell the truth, it looks good on you.”


A crazy bird being pursued by a coyote 😉


2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Charlotte Ward (from El Coyote)

  1. I hope she does the right thing and gets the hell out of all of our faces. ..she is a diseased ridden parasite. ..

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  2. Knowing Charlotte, she’ll try to weasel out of this by claiming it’s “different” when she smears innocent people on her gutter blog. It really IS different: we have evidence to back up our allegations. She does not.

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