Sex-Trafficking In Suriname

Thanks to El Coyote for this information. He’s wondering – does this explain Jacqui and Video Man’s frequent trips to Suriname?

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Of course, Jacqui may be innocent and not involved in the child trafficking trade. So we sent her an email inviting her to refute the allegations but answer came there none. Her silence on this matter is deafening.

So if you’d like to ask her about this yourself, her email address is

By the way, as well as child trafficking, Suriname also has an appalling record on slavery and child labour:


Suriname, yesterday

7 thoughts on “Sex-Trafficking In Suriname

  1. I’ve wondered about this, tbh. Jacqui’s interest in child abuse just isn’t heathy, know wot I mean? She’s always banging on about it…that plus her whole Illuminati thing…omg, I can’t tell you you boring it is hanging with her.

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  2. How many cases do you hear about, where the paedophiles hide in plain sight? How they infiltrate and hold down jobs which involve being with children. Perhaps, she could be, on the same payroll as the paedophile facilitators McKenzie and McNeill. You have to question why someone (Charlotte Ward) would want to post on a site such as Hampstead Research, which is full of complete bullshite.

    Once you have eliminated everything, it just leaves the obvious.

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  3. My friend just asked me a very interesting question: “I wonder if Charlotte/Jacqui is well known at the DHL office for all the packages she sends to Hampstead?”

    Excellent question. I think Charlotte/Jacqui owes the world an explanation, don’t you? She could prove her innocence in a heartbeat, simply by showing up at the local police station and turning over her computer and mobile phone for examination.

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  4. She should have to prove she is not a paedophile, or on the sex register, we want to see her credentials. I think she should take a picture and let us see that she does not have horns as well.
    Take a drugs and alcohol test that would be a start, come on Charlotte prove you are not a drug taking, drink swilling, internet paedophile.

    Of course the computer needs a thorough inspection, we all want to know who she has been contacting. Thanks to lots of tunneling we know quite a few, but she needs to prove she is not contacting paedophiles and passing them material to download

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  5. Funny you say that. There’s this Suriname toddler who says the lady who “sold” him to the traffickers had a pineapple-shaped wart on her 3-sided fur-box. So come on, Jacqui – what are you waiting for? Give us all a peek!


  6. LOL!!! She could always do a selfie !! she does not even have to go into a police station. Is that called a ‘snap shot’? She could you know, so that it would protect her identity (snigger snigger) woops that has not worked so far, lol… she could even put a piece of black tape across her eyes….NOW THAT would help prevent anyone seeing her face, REMEMBER just like she did for the innocent children she plastered all over the internet. ?

    we are waiting JF Charlotte….tickedy tock……

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