More on Jacqui’s disgraceful behaviour: a doctor writes

Another response to this disgraceful behaviour boasted about by Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward:


This is a response from ‘Dr. Joe’:


“Unfortunately this story is not unique and there are many unqualified – and even qualified – therapists who do more damage than harm. It is a very dangerous profession, and the reason why any person in need and wanting therapy should be aware of the rigorous training and personal therapy any psychotherapist with BACP or UKCP has to undertake, and of the serious ethical issues considered and employed by professionals within these organisations today. Supervision is a requirement of any therapist within these bodies, and they both have rigorous complaints procedures that do try to ensure the safety of the client. Such considerations are given highest priority.

‘Jaqui’ in her article on Hampsteadresearch, promoting the idea that someone who is hearing voices could be an SRA victim is an actual danger and threat to any such vulnerable person. Like a bad therapist, she could damage a person who might be every fragile already, and who definitely does not need pushing over the edge with what is ‘her own stuff’. Which is precisely why therapists have to undergo extensive personal therapy in order to be able to identify what’s what. Jaqui is pushing her own shit onto other people here.”

Thank you for your insights, Dr. Joe. If it’s any consolation, Jacqui’s disgraceful antics have not gone unnoticed by the Police 😉

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