Magic Spells & Epic Delusions

Hi folks!

Check out this amusing – if rather disturbing – insight into the mind of a typical Hoaxteader:


Yes, folks – that’s Abe’s alleged ToothlessGetRuthless sock there, casting a spell on his bête noire Justice Pauffley. Hey, stop giggling at the back! 😉 Be nice to old Toothless! Going by his frequent meltdowns on YouTube and his 20-second videos of 118 118 runners (which he’s inexplicably presented as “irrefutable proof” of widespread child abuse in Hampstead), I’d say he may be rather fragile at the moment. Besides, you wouldn’t want him to cast an evil spell on you too now, would you? Or beat you with his spoon 😉

Oh but it gets better! This is Susan Johnson’s response to Toothless’ magic spell and the post in general, which is essentially Jacqui the Troll’s “conclusion” that because she’s spotted a few people on the David Icke forum agreeing with her, the whole World must be on her side:


And there you have it, folks. We may as well pack it all in now. There are a handful of Hoaxtead trolls on the Icke forum who believe Jacqui, Sabine et al. Ergo, they have won the war and the whole World loves them! Or have they? Susie-baby, I’ll see your Icke forum and I’ll raise you *the BBC, the Times, the Telegraph, Russia Today, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Star, the Ham & High, Private Eye, Woman’s Day, half the Truth Movement, countless reputable bloggers, the Police, the courts, Ofsted, the Department of Education, innumerable ex-Hoaxteaders who’ve now defected to our side  and almost the entire population of Camden. Your move, Susie…

See the full hilarious thread here:

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* Press articles, videos and blogs which expose the Hampstead child abuse scam:


3 thoughts on “Magic Spells & Epic Delusions

  1. Some think that TroofersAreGoofs is actually Abe, but I’ve heard that he’s just some poor fellow with autistic spectrum disorder, broadcasting from his mum’s basement. I’ve seen him on various sites as “MasterLucifer” as well, which probably tells us all we need to know.

    Like Charlotte Ward Alton, TroofersNeedDentures thinks he’s hot shit in a bucket when he’s really warm piss in a brown paper bag.

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