Yet Another Hoaxtead Psycho

This one’s called Mougli and he’s in Sheffield. And he likes to threaten people:



Haha, “up you” too, mate. Wait – that’s a compliment, isn’t it? I suspect you may have meant “Up yours”. D’oh!


By the way, if anyone ever spots a Hoaxteader engaging in intelligent level-headed debate instead of resorting to threats and slander, do please let us know. Thanks 🙂


11 thoughts on “Yet Another Hoaxtead Psycho

  1. I have had a good look around Scarlet hun, but have not found any yet. The hangers on for Hampstead Research are all just so abusive, it is just so shocking sweets, dont you think?

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  2. Anything you want to know please just ask. She lives in Lanark ML117RZ husband Andrew Alexander Sneddon… Please feel free to ask me anything


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