Susan Johnson: another Hoaxtead nutter joins the perps parade!

Thanks to Agent B for this nice bit of tunnelling.

This is Susan Johnson, one of Jacqui the Troll’s most vociferous supporters (and another one who seems to be drunk whenever she posts comments on the Hamster Reacharse blog):

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6_23_28 PM

Susan is also helping to organise the Hoaxteaders’ latest petition, which might very well be shut down like the last one, as it breaches the terms of several injunctions as well as a number of laws. Let’s hope no one reports it to the authorities 😉


9 thoughts on “Susan Johnson: another Hoaxtead nutter joins the perps parade!

  1. They are all being plucked from the woodwork…good work Agent B
    Tunneling award is fast becoming yours this week
    A few more will be fully exposed soon
    Just firming up details.


    • And now, let’s sit back and wait for the screeching to begin. “They stole my image!” “They invaded my privacy!” “They spread stories about me!”

      The ability to appreciate delicious irony is really not this crowd’s long suit, is it?


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