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Thanks to all the posters who’ve shared their thoughts on the wonderful news that Sabine McNeill has had her pension benefits stopped. To intelligent people like you (and, I like to think, myself), some of your points are basic common sense. Yet to Sabine they’re rocket science! Here’s a summary of our key observations:

  • The injunction was clear – continuing to put up those vids would result in Sabine losing her benefits. A very simple concept which Sabine was apparently too stupid to grasp. And as for her excuse that she “accidentally” put up those videos originally and that she now “regrets” it, it’s odd that she’s re-posted them again and again since then. That’s a lot of “accidents”, Sabby. Butter-fingers!
  • Sabine, by her own choice, has fled abroad. She’s living in another country. Ergo, she is not – and should not be – entitled to UK benefits.
  • Why doesn’t Sabine try begging to Belinda? All that money she embezzled from her fake Iran campaign might finally have its uses 😉
  • Isn’t Sabine one of those “paying tax is illegal” weirdoes? So here’s a question: who does she expect to fund her benefits?
  • It has been suggested that Sabine would make a first-rate dominatrix. Apparently, there are many stressed German businessmen who pay good money for that sort of thing. So how about it, Sabine? Why not embrace a lucrative new career? After all, you suck as a fake lawyer.
  • One kind user has offered to buy Sabine a ‘plane ticket, to enable her to return to the UK to stand trial for her crimes. We’re not holding our breath (despite Sabine’s hilarious requests to be “tried by Skype”).
  • Another user predicts that Germany may deport her back to Blighty soon anyway.
  • One user has suggested that someone should write a poem about this tragic affair. So I hope this helps:

There once was a nut called McNeill
Who demanded some cash for a meal
Her fans weren’t impressed
And cried “You’re a pest”
Now she begs on the mean streets of Kiel


Sabine, yesterday


4 thoughts on “Feedback on Sabine

  1. SO…….Sabine never had to declare anything, she was never assessed, is that why the tax office know nothing about her properties ??? Yet another scam begging for money by the criminal Sabine McNeill.

    But you dig into your pockets if you feel sorry for her and for the crimes she has committed, bigger fools you are.

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  2. Sabine admitted she had not read all of the pages of the documents she so kindly didn’t release !!

    AAAAhhhhhh that is why she released the videos and carries on publishing the children’s faces and information about them. SHE didn’t read that bit….perhaps we should send her the court order, that clearly states she cannot do this. And she is an analyst ??? REALLY ???

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  3. Sabine is an “analyst” in the same way Jacqui the Troll is an “independent researcher”. Both are short for “unemployed grifters with an overinflated sense of entitlement”.

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