“Ooh! What an increase!” Are troofers’ voices getting more annoying?

To help you decide, check out this rather odd woman (Charlotte) banging on about Illuminati communists taking over the World (or something):


She has one of the most irritating voices you’ll ever hear, exacerbated both by the fact that she says stupid things like “Ooh! What an increase!”, “Give it a style injection!” and “It’s up there with Playboy!” and, let’s face it, the fact that she talks utter bollocks throughout. Her accent is weird too (she sounds like Joyce Grenfell on crack). But it is very entertaining (in a “dancing monkey” kind of way). I’m told by a Hoaxtead insider (yes, we have a “shill” who’s managed to climb very high up in the Hoaxtead camp) that this woman is now a leading light in the Hoaxtead freakshow 😉

Whether this mentally unstable woman’s voice is as annoying as those of Bill Baloney, Alex Jones, Chris Spivey, Brian Gerrish or Dani Lavatory I shall leave to your own judgement. But what is it that makes troofers’ voices so weird? And can anyone link us to a troofer who has a pleasant – or at least vaguely normal – voice?


12 thoughts on ““Ooh! What an increase!” Are troofers’ voices getting more annoying?

  1. Well, then. If you were to slow it down and add some distortion, this voice would sound an awful lot like the Vogon Poet who narrates those hideously ugly “Hampstead Research” videos.

    You know, that un-listenable mess that accuses almost everyone in Hampstead of being a “cult member”?

    In fact–oh, what an amazing coincidence!–some time ago I had one of my tech team unscramble that voice, and you’ll never believe it! Of course, I immediately forwarded this finding to my contacts at Barnet police, who were most interested to receive it.

    The noose is tightening, “Jacqui”.


  2. I think the police might have received more than one copy. It will be unnerving to JFarmer CW CA to be honest as to how people give information if they are unhappy at the conduct of someone they know.

    Thanks…..you know who you are. We are just happy to use it and grateful to you for providing it.

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  3. Keep going Charls, it is all evidence. The more the better, keep harassing, keep sending stuff out the bundle is growing.

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  4. I am at a loss as to what to do, I spoke with Jacqui’s friends today, they cannot believe that she is still doing this. They don’t speak to her any more, they were all trying their best to restrain her from doing this again. I think they have just washed their hands of her now, which is a shame, as they all used to be very close.

    None of them (her friends) have seen the children since the day they were fostered, but are hoping they are doing alright. Apparently, they told me that the drink problem, last time they saw her, was getting completely out of control, they would receive really garbled and strange messages from her all times of the day and night.

    She nearly lost one of her friends her job, she sent emails to her boss, fortunately they ignored them after the situation was explained fully.

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  5. YEAH……all that crap……you would have to be pissed to do that……………she must hit a few bottles sat there all day……………..off her head she is………..lock her up

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