“As you know, Sabine is is straightened circumstances”

LOL, Thanks for clearing that up for us, Jacqui!

And thanks to all our members who responded to our appeal by grassing Sabine to the authorities. Especially Agent M, who went that extra mile to ensure that Sabine’s money was stopped 😉

But wait – it gets better:

“And now Sabine is being starved”


Sabine’s thoughts on us reporting her:

“For 10 years I have been receiving this ‘pension credit’ without having to provide ‘evidence’ via coming to a physical interview. I.e. they MUST have been tipped off. Six days after the Housing Benefits people wrote ‘they have been informed’.”

Haha, good work, guys!

And in fairness, we did inform both Sabine at the time when we “blew the whistle” on her. But as usual, she ran away. But she cannot say she wasn’t warned:

“Should Sabine fail to abide by the terms of this injunction…she loses her pension credits…Special Agent M has kindly begun proceedings to…blow the whistle on her.”

Anyway, it goes without saying that to give her any money would be extremely unwise and counterproductive (Jacqui the troll is currently begging for funds on her behalf on the Hamster Reacharse page). This woman needs to be smoked out, so that she returns to the UK to face justice for her crimes. Tick tock…

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Agent M, officially a star

20 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS: SABINE IS BROKE!

  1. I think we should set up a donation button for Sabine, just to be used for a return ticket from Germany and a taxi fare to Barnet Police Station.

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    • Great idea. And I just *hate* it when I am am straightened circumstances (sic).
      I mean mean, doesn’t doesn’t everyone?

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  2. Good for you, Agent M. Definitely a gold star on this one.

    Sabine will weep and moan and whine that she didn’t do anything wrong, but if that’s the case, why not just show up at the police station and clear her name? She could bring her computer along, and show them that she never shared any of those kids’ videos online….easy-peasy!

    Wait, isn’t that exactly what she and the ferret-faced Charlotte/Jacqui has been suggesting that all the people they’ve accused of being baby murderers and rapists do? Turn up and prove their innocence? Interesting how it works one way for those they accuse, but quite another for themselves, eh?


  3. Absolutely Old Rat Watcher, Sabine could prove it was not her releasing those vids, she could show all of the absolutely bombproof evidence she has, what IS the problem. If she expect people to show the police their private bits, why is she so scared of showing the police her computer?

    Perhaps old Jacqui (Charlotte) Farmer (Ward) could give her a room in her booze laden flat.


  4. everyone knows it was sabine’s gdrive all the vids were housed on and available for anyone with the link to download – for example, on a quick search i came across this link on crimesofempire blog: – this is on sabines gdrive as you will see if you click on the i in the right top corner once doc loads. i have inserted xxxx in one part of url as i dont actually want to put the link up myself of the doc that contravenes the gagging order on kids names ec but it is still live and if you really want to see you can do a search yourself. so sabine is full of shit basically claiming she did not leak anything – she is STILL LEAKING STUFF NOW AND THIS IS AN IMPRISONABLE OFFENCE.

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    • Well said, Amanda! Also, the injunction was clear – continuing to put up those vids would result in Sabine losing her benefits. A very simple concept which Sabine was apparently too stupid to grasp. As for her excuse that she “accidentally” put up those videos originally and that she now “regrets” it, it’s odd that she’s put them up again and again since then. Oops! Butter-fingers!


      • Seriously? Claiming she ‘accidentally’ posted a NUMBER of videos loaded with such incredibly sensitive info (especially since they feature minors in full view), then doing so again – and AGAIN? How could anyone with an IQ superior to that of a courgette possibly consider this woman an even minimally credible source of ANYTHING, never mind take her seriously and/ or support her in spirit (or, worse yet, tangibly in the former of financial aid)? Strains credulity really, but I suppose there’s one born every minute…

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  5. I don’t know whether i’d rather she came back and faced the authorities, or stayed away and lost her home. If I knew the authorities would come down hard on her it would be fine, but losing her home and having to stay in Germany might be the best thing.

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