Jacqui hasn’t written to clear her name yet

…We’ve repeatedly and publicly accused Jacqui the Troll of several criminal offences, including child abuse and uploading child pornography, and invited her to deny it. Yet answer comes there none. So it does make us wonder why, in light of her deafening silence, what gives her the right to say this about 8 times a day:

“Nobody has replied to my letters inviting them to clear their names yet. I wonder why this is.”


If any of you can explain what gives a known child abuser who refuses to clear her name has the right to harass innocent people by demanding that they…er…clear their names, please let us know 🙂


9 thoughts on “Jacqui hasn’t written to clear her name yet

  1. I’m not a John Lennon fan.

    So if I might ask my question again please?

    Were Ella or Abraham growing cannabis in their Hampstead garden?


  2. Surely my comment supports your cause?

    Is it responsible for Ella or Abraham to be growing cannabis in their Hampstead garden when they have two relatively young children under their guardianship?


  3. I think it looks like it Walrus….the picture I have seen, and it looks very much like it..


  4. Abe the babe he would have to have copious amounts!! all that juicing ! And it is illegal here, was that photograph taken in this country or Morocco do you think?


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