2 thoughts on “Jacqui cannot hide forever…and she knows it!

  1. Very unwise.

    I wonder what she will do? As the saying goes…..popcorn time.

    What a delusional woman if she thinks her threats are going to be taken seriously. Her mucky fingers are all over this now, the internet is cruel, it never forgets. And that has been very much to our advantage.

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    • So true, Wise One!

      “Jacqui” claims it’s “unwise” to threaten her…so what’s she going to do? Throw another hissy fit, go off the air, and then plan yet another “big reveal” to distract her followers from the fact that she’s been owned…again?

      I think poor Jacqui has 2 problems: she’s not nearly as smart as she thinks she is at covering her tracks; and she’s got an ego that’s grossly disproportionate to her abilities. Oh, plus she’s a raging sociopath, but that’s a whole other issue.


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