Jacqui now harassing random nursery schools

When most of your supporters have deserted you and one school has refused to let you bully them – but you still have a pathological need for attention – what do you do? Well, you start sending threatening, abusive, slanderous emails to a kindergarten you picked out at random from the Yellow Pages, of course. And then you boast about it on the internet. Because hey, you can never ruin enough innocent people’s lives, right?


So watch your kids, folks – Jacqui may be coming to a nursery near you soon. If she does, under no circumstances allow your children to approach her – she is highly dangerous and is wanted by the Police for a range of crimes, including child abuse.

By the way, if any of you do receive a threatening email from Jacqui, our advice is to ignore the drug-addled benefits-scrounging child-abusing skank and forward it to her complaints department at: 83 Priory Gardens Highgate, London, N6 5QU. If she persists, we suggest you report her to the Police, who are currently working on bringing her to justice.

Thank you 😉


4 thoughts on “Jacqui now harassing random nursery schools

  1. Pathological is right–if this mad twat tried to approach any child I knew, she’d find out right quick what pain really is.


  2. “…we suggest you report her to the Police, who are currently working on bringing her to justice.”

    I do hope she’ll be hearing the knock soon… Very VERY soon… Perhaps she’s heard it already? – Let’s hope!

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