More Hilarity from Arkhaldan the Troll

Leading Hoaxtead troll ArkhaldanSolo never tires of amusing us. Check these out…


1. Here he rants about lies, distortions and word-twisting, without the remotest hint of irony. Perhaps he’s angling for that Hypocrite of the Month award.


By the way, the post to which he’s referring was a straightforward, unadulterated screenshot of his comment:

Ergo, claims that we distorted his words are classic back-tracking after realising how much he’d embarrassed himself.



2. Frankly, this one’s just a load of circumlocutory waffle. However, it’s worth reading just for the classic claim that 30 million people – yes, that’s 30 million people – actively support the Hoaxteaders’ cause. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to him revealing his source for that astonishing claim. He forgot to post it this time round.



3. Finally, in this very mature hissy fit, Arkhaldan decides that debating like an intelligent adult is beyond him, so once again resorts to posting a tsunami of slander (again forgetting to back it up with any evidence, rationale or logic), reveals his creepy obsession with paedophilia and child porn, calls me “Poop” and boasts of his “snitting”, whatever that is. Fair to say we’re winning this thing, methinks. Enjoy:



Oh and if I may be so bold as to chuck Arkhaldan’s own words back at him, “The more they attack you, the more you know you’re winning.” So keep attacking me, Arky – it’s very reassuring 😉


Arkhaldan, understandably “solo”


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