Hoaxteaders’ Non-Harassment Order

Thanks to the person who asked me to repost the order preventing further harassment of RD:


While I’m on, here’s the order preventing them from committing further child abuse by posting pictures and videos of those two vulnerable children:


And why not – here’s the court hearing report again, confirming that the whole thing’s a hoax and that Abe is the real abuser:



6 thoughts on “Hoaxteaders’ Non-Harassment Order

  1. Blimey, even the first sentence makes you wonder why any one would want to ignore the judge: and then continue to break every term.

    To me it looks like multiple offences: there’s not much mitigation so I guess they will ask the court for mercy…at least for jail years to be concurrent.

    We do try to care for prisoners, such as a medical check within three weeks of asking and only 5 shifts a week in the laundry.

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  2. Abe is the abuser, Abe is the one that hurt the children, Abe is the one that planted the fantasy into the children’s head. The children have said as much. Any person with an iota of sense can see this is the case. Why has the coward Abe run away, if he was so convinced that the was correct in beating the confessions out of the children, and taking them to a police station was the correct thing to do, then why not stay and fight for them. No he is a chronic abuser, a serial abuser, hates kids, he abused his own, why should some body else’s children escape his aggressive violent behaviour?

    If any of them. Belinda, Sabine, Ella and Abe knew they had a true case to fight, they would still be doing it now. But, THEY ALL RAN AWAY!! They left the children when the children needed them, and ran away.

    Personally I am of the opinion the children have had a lucky escape, to have had to live with that demented idiot Abe for one more day would have been torturous.

    Unfortunately they (Sabine, Belinda, Abe and Ella) have left a demented troll in charge of a ludicrous site to try and convince people that this hoax is true, and she is making one hack of it. Which is quite the right job, well done Jacqui, keep going you are making this case look even more bananas than it is. Looking around the internet it is consoling that hardly anyone believes it, and look at the Hampstead Research site and realise how pathetic this all is, some have made strong comment hoping the authors on that site will be dealt with accordingly.

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