More Juicy Info’ on Jacqui the Troll

Thanks, Sophie. Very enlightening. Keep ’em coming!More info’ on Jacqui the Troll’s mucky past, from our old mate Sophie.

Nice tunnelling 🙂

“As soon as I saw who it was, obviously under a false name, it became apparent she [Jacqui] was taking her frustrations and guilt to another level. Accusing innocent people, demanding that people expose themselves to prove whether or not they have tattoos, and writing a load of balderdash, is much the same as she did locally. She ended up falling out with everyone, she started making wild accusations about her neighbours. So all of this, to me anyway, is her struggling mentally to cope with her misdemeanors. I will pm you some more information which could help. Her sister has just lost patience with her, the family have tried but she just ignores everyone that even shows any interest in trying to help her. I can see how she managed to get involved with McKenzie and McNeill.”

Thanks again, Sophie. Very enlightening. Keep ’em coming!

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