Is Jacqui Farmer a Satanist?

In light of these insightful remarks from our old mate Sandra, I’d say yes, probably:

“…the Satanism she [Jacqui] so relishes and, actually, really celebrates. After all, why would she be giving it such good PR? Think about the Church of Satan comments littering that site, her deference towards ‘Rev Fraize’, her frequent references to ‘good Satanists’ and her promotion of the Church of Satan via radio interviews etc…”

This may also be another reason why Hampstead Reacharse’s followers are deserting in their droves. (Former Jacqui-lover ‘Butlincat’ for one is spitting feathers over the she-devil’s apparent love of Satansim.)

More about Jacqui’s beloved Reverend ‘Strawberry’ Fraize and her creepy reverence for him:

“The majority of SRA claims are bogus.”

~ Reverend Fraize, Traditional Church of Satan


5 thoughts on “Is Jacqui Farmer a Satanist?

  1. I would say she is a satanist, without a doubt, why on earth would anyone sit all day posting ridiculous articles?? No-one in their right sane mind would be trawling the internet for material about satanism.
    Don’t forget she was trawling through child porn, finding and downloading it, and then trying to blame it on Mr Dearman!! She and her close cohorts are a cult, they are the sick minded tattooed satanist.

    She has real mental health issues, and once she is removed from her keyboard, she will be firmly placed in a strait jacket.!! Even the ILLUMINATI won’t save her.

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  2. Jacqui and Jimmy have had a falling out? Say it ain’t so!

    Gawd, I love it when the troofers start hissing and spitting at one another….

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  3. Now…let us use their methods of investigation……….

    Say Jacqui Farmer backwards, while stood on one leg, looking down a tunnel and you can distinctly hear SATAN !!

    ChaWa…..that is another name she uses……She is the evil head of the cult.

    I think we should Allturn our heads 360 degrees just like she does then we will be enlightened.

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  4. JF is utter evil personified …look at the garbage she posts. Can it be she is posting from some lunatic asylum ?
    She is a charlaton, and a liar.

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