Jacqui the Stalker dissected by El Coyote

Our old mucker El Coyote is back with a vengeance! Here, he kindly offers his unique take on Jacqui’s recent confession that she’s stalking people by rummaging through their private wedding photos on Facebook, which she followed by her usual round of unsubstantiated slander and then…a creepy invitation for her victims to Skype her…!

HR blog 3 June 2015

This woman makes me shudder, so it will be very pleasing when she is eventually arrested and thrown into a jail cell with her fellow Hoaxteader Queen Sabine, the “Mummy” of C-Wing. I just hope that Jacqui likes giving rub-downs, as Sabine  is rather butch and can be very persuasive.



4 thoughts on “Jacqui the Stalker dissected by El Coyote

  1. On a more serious note, i’m beginning to think that this Jacqui character must indeed be out of the country, or how else can one explain why she hasn’t been arrested yet?


  2. From her posts thus far, our Jacqui certainly seems to have a taste for the darker side, don’t you think? Her obsession with buggery, her determination to violate the innocent…one might almost think she has some unresolved sexual issues to deal with.

    Just a thought….


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