Knockback Update: “No Further Action”

Knockback number 1 – Sabine’s formal complaint about Justice Pauffley is unequivocally rejected by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office 🙂

Knockback number 2 – Abe and Ella’s second formal complaint about Barnet Police unequivocally rejected by the IPCC. 😀

Knockback number 3 – A humble school secretary refuses to be bullied by toothless fruitcakes and gives those loons over at Hampstead “Research” another lesson in how the law works. >:D

Is this the part where, if I were as immature as those crazy trolls over at Camp Jacqui, I’d say “Oh burn” or “Epic win”? Sorry but I’m way to grown up and sensible for that.



One thought on “Knockback Update: “No Further Action”

  1. “JCIO can give no guarantee of personal safety if you choose to return to the UK”

    Is that a Hint of Mint that UK border control have all the UK, Russian, German passport details so there may be a slight delay at Immigration while Contempt of Court and linked enquiries are made. Pity all incoming controls were strengthened in February.

    How’s Rostov-na-Donu in early summer?


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